Monday, January 17, 2005

Analyze Me!

Anyone out there into dream analysis? Here's one from last night:

Jen & I were living at my parent's house, in my old room. I got up in the middle of the night. In place of the den was a giant chemical factory. I took a Perdue chicken & ran it under some chemicals. Two of my father's friends- Mr. Taylor & the late Mr. McGoey- ran over and told me I had put the wrong stuff on the chicken & had to do it again. (This is probably a remnant in my brain of the hot/cold mustard chicken puzzle in the computer game "Starship Titanic.")

I went back to bed. There was a computer keyboard in bed with us, and every time I rolled over, I did something that changed the machinery in the factory (I could hear the pumps switching on and off.) I took the keyboard out of bed and looked at the monitor. I couldn't decipher what was going on, but there were lots of small thumbnail pictures of landscapes. I roused my father and asked him what it meant. He said that I had messed up the e-mail for my (late) grandfather's barbershop. How was my grandfather going to keep his appointments now?

After my father went back to bed, I heard a scraping noise. The keyboard disappeared under the bed, followed by the mouse. I looked under the bed and saw a figure scuttling toward a hole in the floor. I threw a blanket over him and gave him a good kick. When I pulled the blanket back, I saw it was The Monarch- a hapless villain from "The Venture Bros."

Then I woke up.

Anyone care to decipher this one?




Anonymous said...

Clearly, this is a message from your subconscious indicating that at some level, there is a deeply rooted fear of circus midgets who happen to be blond and/or ambidexterous.

Or you have recently discovered methamphethamines.

Could go either way - it's your call.

-- Chris the not-so-anonymous-person-who-is-just-too-lazy-to-register-as-a-guest

Anonymous said...

looks like you are sensing some paranoia, i am not sure where in your life it may be coming from, paranoia comes from a source of stress, in your subconcious i am sure there is something that is bugging you and you dont even know it, or maybe you do and you are not acknowledging it and setting it free, the keyboard thing could represent something you had before, as in the dream, you had this possession with you, then you lost the control, or you lost the person. the keyboard going under the bed, means that you had something close to you and you either let it rest, gave up, or had it taken away, if you had something close to you taken away the ways you were trying to control the keyboard makes sense, you were trying to gain a sense of control over something that used to be yours, the thing with your grandpa, that is only becasue you are afraid that ppl around you will be mad ifyou re-establish whatever relationship you lost, so you put it to rest, you made it leave and hide under the bed. another point to this is that, you only put it under your bed, so chances are it will come back for you, something you will sooner or later have to deal with? not trying to be too Freudian on ya

Tony LaRocca said...

Wow, this one was from almost a year ago. I had to reread it to remember it. Thanks for the Freudian advice, though I hear he's a little out of vouge these days...