Sunday, January 23, 2005

Flashing the World

I've been playing with Flash lately. It's a cute program. I never really liked things made with it, because I always thought they looked cheap and without style. However, I finally found a way to do frame-by-frame animation with it. You can see my cheesy little opus "Smiling After a Facelift" on the animation page at Egotistical Productions. This was drawn with a mouse, so while the graphics aren't great, I can do the style of animation I like- sort of Plymptonian. I'm still going to continue with my 3d animations, but this is something new to play with for a while.

Some of my favorite cartoons made with Flash can be found at Making Fiends, Angry Alien (30 second films performed by bunnies.), and (in a totally different, sick & twisted vein) Bear Hello. Enjoy!



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