Sunday, January 16, 2005

Occasional Philosophical Mulling

In recent conversations about the tsunami & mudslides, I've heard people ask, "Where is God?"

If my early thoughts on E=mc(squared) are true and we are all slivers of God, does it not follow then that we do God's work and answer His prayers for Him? When people prayed to God for help, God helped them through the donations and actions of other people. When a child is sick and his parents pray for help, God helps through doctors and medicine. This is why I believe so strongly in scientific research, from cloning to stem cells. Every bit more that we learn helps us to serve God better.

No, I'm not a religious freak- I believe there's a big difference between God & religion. God is, religion is what mankind says God is. There's a difference. But wait, I hear you cry, aren't you telling me what God is? No, I'm telling you what I think God is. You're free to figure him/her/it out on your own.

That also means that we have to answer our own prayers. We can pray all we want that we become concert triangle players, but unless we practice every day, we'll never get up there to play that coveted instrument. We can pray that we ace that big exam, but if we don't study for it, it won't happen. If our hearts are broken & we pray for peace, we have to find the peace within ourselves. That doesn't mean that prayer doesn't work- it does. Just realize you may be called upon to answer.



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