Wednesday, January 26, 2005

A Quick Potpourri of Sap

You know what? I've started this blog twice already. Three times, actually. I started commenting about news items, and then I deleted that and wrote about something that happened at work. Halfway through that, I gave up and went back to the news items. After bitching a bit about the incompetence of the NYC MTA, (we lost an entire subway line because a homeless man set fire to the switching system Sunday. I'm glad they raised fares again in the name of "post 9/11 security,") and blasting the federal appeals court, (they reinstated a case by two obese NY teenagers who are suing McDonalds, because they insist that if they knew that Big Macs, freedom fries and shakes weren't good for you they wouldn't have eaten there three times a week. This is your tax dollars at work here,) I realized I just don't give a poop. My heart isn't into it tonight.

So a quick potpourri of feelings before I crawl into bed: thank you Jennifer for being my angel. I fell in love with you because you're kind. I've never ever seen you laugh at anyone's misfortune, even if it's a character on TV. You only want the world to be a good place. I wish I could be more like you.

Thank you Elena, for plugging me in your blog. Greetings, all French-Toastaphiles. The wonderful thing about Elena is that she not only wants to make beautiful art, she wants to support everyone else's work as well. Jealousy is not in her nature.

*Amendment. 1/28/2005: This is not entirely true. I remember that as a child Elena was quite jealous of Brooke Shields. You see, Miss Shields was also a girl like her- but had the honor of being the guest star on that pinnacle of television high art, The Muppet Show. Anyone who knows my sister understands that her eyes turned a wee bit green that day.

Mary, thank you for making me laugh. Jeff, Jennica, Mandy, Chris, & Craig, thank you for being my friends. This is getting far too sappy, my fingers are sticking to the keyboard. I'm going to wash them off and go to bed. Goodnight.



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french toast girl said...

I love you, yeah, yeah, yeah. ;)