Thursday, January 06, 2005

Ripped from the Headlines!

"150,000 dead- 30 of them American!" Does anyone find headlines like these as crass as I do? Does the media think we won't care that so many lives are destroyed if at least one of them isn't an American? Even worse- are they right?

Environmentalist Jeff McNeely of the World Conservation Union gave economic progression a big tsk today. According to him, if they hadn't torn down those coral reefs to build resorts out in Thailand, the death toll would have been much lower. Yeah, yeah, and the tsunami happened because Bush didn't sign the Kyoto Treaty…

They've just passed a law in NYC that would hold gun dealers responsible across America if firearms purchased from them were used in a NY crime- if the dealer sold the firearms without performing a criminal check, or sold more than one firearm to the same individual without waiting thirty days. Despite both a hard streak of objectivism and conservatism- in addition to my support of the NRA- I actually support this particular bill. The truth about owning a gun in NYC is that it's easier to get one illegally than to get it legally. The plethora of gun laws here only restrict the legal gun owners, not the criminals. However, most of these illegal firearms are bought out of state en masse at gun shows and then brought here. This bill would help prevent that. I firmly support the right to bear arms, and I believe criminals should be the ones responsible for their crimes, not gun dealers. But I also believe in common sense over the fear that if you give an inch they'll take a mile.

Andrea Yates' conviction for drowning her five children one by one while they screamed and begged their mommy for their lives- was overturned because it never happened on "Law and Order." Apparently, if the jury never would have convicted her if they thought she got the idea from her own sick mind and NOT from TV. Would someone please explain this to me?

Public comment ends January 10th for the MTA's proposed law prohibiting taking pictures on the subway. Supposedly, this camera ban will prevent terrorism. This is the same MTA that wants to close ticket booths and cut back on bus service while simultaneously hiking fares. Perhaps they're more afraid of people documenting the deteriorating condition of the subways and the stations.

Lastly, a note to the NY Daily News. While I agree that "Who's Your Daddy" is a deplorable show and that Ashlee Simpson is an utterly talentless bimbo, these news items are not- I repeat NOT worthy of front page banner headlines. Open up your eyes and see the world around you, jackasses.



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