Friday, January 14, 2005

Scrambled Hamster Brains

I'm feeling a bit blah tonight. I've been feeling blah a lot at night, lately. I feel a lot better in the morning. I used to be a night person. I guess my circadian clock is all fubar.

Did I ever tell you I did that to my understudy hamster? A lifetime ago, when I joined the army, my little sister Mary told mom and dad that I was the only one who understood her- and the only thing that could fill the hole I had left in her heart was a hamster. Three months later, when I was on leave, I accidentally kicked the poor thing while it was running around in its little hamster ball, blissfully unaware that I was running down the hall in the other direction. The damn hamster spun head over heels while the ball went whirling away. We all got a good laugh. Well, I must have scrambled up its little rodent brain, because it wasn't nocturnal anymore. It ran on its little squeaky wheel all day and slept all night. It died a few days later.

Somewhere, along the line, I think something must have given my own plastic ball a kick.

(I'm including this in every post until the end of the auction- even if some of the $ does go to Indonesia.) The beautiful and multitalented French Toast Girl has placed one of her paintings on Ebay to raise money for the victims of the Asian Tsunami. Please check it out here.


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