Wednesday, January 05, 2005


While viewing the devastation left in the tsunami's wake, Collin Powell said that he hopes Muslim terrorist countries will see how generous the United States is.

You're kidding me, right?

People who hate us, hate us. They don't care that we shell out more to help the problems of the world than any other country on the planet. How many countries that we've poured out money and aid to turned their backs on us when we needed them? No, I'm not saying we shouldn't help out- we should. We do. We will.

I'm saying that you can't cure hate with money. If someone's programmed to hate so much that by the age of ten they're ready to strap on some bombs and blow themselves up, no amount of money is going to change their hearts.

The UN's gall at calling us "stingy" because hey, we just don't pour even more of our money into areas where the local governments hate us and screw over their own people makes my head spin. Why don't they give them some of that money they stole from the Iraqi people in the Oil for Food scam?

The world has come together over this disaster. Governments and individuals have collectively donated billions. Volunteers have flown in from all over the world to help, just like they did at ground zero. It proves that when you get rid of politics, we all will do what we can to help each other and pray for each other, that the majority of people individually realize that life is precious.

It seems that we have to form groups to lose sight of that.



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