Saturday, January 08, 2005

Thoughts that Keep Me Awake at Night

Why exactly does perspective (things get bigger the closer to you they are) work? Is it because light waves shrink in amplitude the farther they get from their source? Please don't tell me it's how our brain's interpret the light, because even a picture made with a pin-hole camera is in perspective. I've never found an answer to this.

For that matter, why does gravity work? This is one of science's biggest questions. We know the larger the mass is, the greater it's attraction of other masses, but why? You can't touch gravity, you can't see it, but we know it's there. Is gravity a sign of God?

If the mind processes conscious thoughts sequentially (in series) and the subconscious processes thoughts simultaneously (in parallel) does that mean that Ohms law (Power = Current * Energy) applies to our minds? That would mean that series circuits- or conscious thoughts- would require more energy, and parallel circuits- or subconscious activity- would require more current. Can we use this formula to concentrate more?

Why do they insist on pumping out bad remakes of classic movies? The Manchurian Candidate, Psycho, Bedazzled, and now the almighty Willy Wonka! Is NOTHING f*#king sacred? These people should be put up against a wall and shot. While you're at it, put Lucas down there to for desecrating the original Star Wars trilogy with all his tweaks.

If E=mc(squared) means that you can't create or destroy matter or energy, then every one of us must have existed since the beginning of time and always will exist. Does that make us all slivers of God?

How is it that time and space are infinite in all directions- that you can go out into space and go on and on forever and ever. What was here before the big bang? Does this freak anyone else out?

Let me know if anyone else has insomnia-causing thoughts of their own.



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