Tuesday, February 22, 2005

Illustration Friday (on Tuesday- again.)

Once again, it's Illustration Friday! This week's uplifting topic is Sorrow.

You figure it out.

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Leontine said...

At first I thought the robot was unhappily pregnant, because it seemed to be smashing a packet of birth control pills. But now I think it is smashing a watch. Perhaps it mourns the passage of time which has taken away all it's mortal friends? And even, perhaps it's creator?

Or perhaps not. At any rate, nice illustration.

Ellie said...

Nice illo... perhaps the watch is the robot's heart? You know, his ticker? Smashed... that would be sorrowful.


Tony LaRocca said...

Yes, it's a watch. (Birth control pills? LOL)

Ellen said...

Maybe...he can't fix the watch so he takes a hammer to it! Sounds like me! OK, maybe not me exactly...but that's how I feel sometimes!!! Excellent sketch!

Rebeccashane said...

Yeah i gotta laugh reading the birthcontrol pill comment.. thats great..

Blok said...

Nice illustration. I also thought he had broken his heart:-)

Sheila Hudson said...

Frustration? Can't fix the watch, can't get time back? Nice illo.

Giao said...

BC Pills, hahaha!

I think this is a fantastic take on the topic. Great illo!!

Gnome G

Anonymous said...

Great interpretation. Re: the BC pills well I suppose the robot world would be a safer place if these existed to stop any unwanted Daleks from emerging.

Tony LaRocca said...

(Ah, one of the faithful…)

Sadly, BC pills do not prevent the reproductions of Daleks. Since Daleks are (inside of their shells) slimy genetically mutated things that resemble hand puppets, the only way to stop their expansion is to chop off the hands of everyone in the universe. QED.


Anonymous said...

nice sketch. it makes me feel broken-hearted for the poor robot who has given up hope and collapsed on the desk with his hammer.