Wednesday, February 16, 2005

Illustration Friday (on Wednesday- again.)

Once again, it's time for Illustration Friday! This week's topic is Flight (click on the pic above for the whole thing!) I tried my best, but I couldn't think of anything sick and twisted this week- so I decided to go for whimsical. For sick and twisted, check out my previous pics, Year of the Rooster and Friendship.

For those interested in the downright adorable, check out Jennifer's entry at her blog.

Now, why are you just looking at this picture when there's so many more fascinating brain drippings all around you! Click here to be drowned in them! Go on! Be the envy of all your friends!



french toast girl said...

I love it. Brings back fond memories of Archie, my goldfish, who I'm sure would have loved to see the world outside his bowl.

love, me

Anonymous said...

once again, i love your concept. pretty good execution, too. very fun. it reminds me of the carnival where balloons & fish are always present. those poor fish get hit with all those ping pong balls...


Anonymous said...

Reminds me of WaterWorld only this is so much better.


Janey said...

Reminds me of Waterworld only this is so much better.