Thursday, February 17, 2005

Pranks for the Memories.

Obscure memories seem to just pop into my mind, quite unbidden. Some are good, many are quite embarrassing. But most of them are entirely useless:

I can remember what almost anyone was wearing the first time we met. (Jennifer was wearing a denim shirt & jeans. Both of my children had the audacity to be naked.) I can dig up a plethora of obscure memories on just about anyone I know. I remember when Mary was born- when she came home from the hospital Elena & I were watching Halloween is Grinch Night. I remember when Dave Haenggi & I were in elementary school & would draw sci-fi battle scenes all over our desks. Mrs. Henry was pretty cool about it and let them stay that way until we pretty much smudged both the desks and our hands up with graphite. I remember my 6th grade English teacher, Mrs. Peggy Ormand, telling us on a daily basis that we were all her children and she loved us all. Utterly useless memories that pop into my mind when I'm trying to concentrate on something useful, like how to calculate amperage. If someone would make a sim card for the brain that I could store all this stuff in and remove for archiving, I would pay good hard cash for one.

The most bizzare trick of memory I have happened when I was in fourth grade. I was in a children's community theater production. One of the songs was "Ding Dong the Witch is Dead." (I was the mayor of Munchkinville.) Anyhoo, for some bizzare reason, the memory of director Jay Barre's choreographing us adorable munchkins has popped into my mind at least once a month for the past twenty-four years. Those specific few minutes received prime brain space. I'm sure when I'm in a nursing home and drooling on myself, unable to remember my children's names, that memory will keep resurfacing.



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