Friday, February 18, 2005

Those Hemlines Just Keep on Ripping!

Once again, the United States military is screwing its own over in the name of being PC. If you haven't been following the funnier side of the news, a few weeks ago, an MP party in Iraq got a bit on the wild side. Some female soldiers stripped down to their undies and proceeded to mud-wrestle- and one particular nineteen-year-old female soldier named Deanna Allen decided to flash her ample bosom.

Understandably, all the men (and some women) present took her picture. What isn't understandable is why this event became national front page news. What makes me angry is that the media would not have given two shits if this had happened anywhere except in the military. But since it happened in Iraq, it's front page news. Unbef**kinglievable.

So of course, the military is making an example of her. They demoted her from SPC to PFC and are drumming her out. Never mind everyone else at the party who was cheering her on- their bosoms weren't front page news. In a perfect world, the Pentagon's response would have been as follows:

"Dear America. We understand your lurid fascination with this story. However, please take you heads out of your collective asses. Here is a young woman who has volunteered to serve her country. She went to a foreign land to try to keep your behinds safe. While most of this country just wants to bitch about this world's problems, she has risked her life to make a stand and try to make it better. Some of our soldiers had a party and it got out of control. We'll take care of it, but frankly, we think that after two years of dodging bullets and being bombed and being away from home to save your sorry asses, our soldiers should be forgiven if they cut loose a little. If this happened to some rich college girl at a frat house party, a million excuses would be made that she was "under pressure from her studies," etc. Well, this woman and her fellow soldiers are under more pressure than you schmucks can possibly imagine. Leave it alone. If you want to see bosoms, just turn on HBO. Thank you, and goodnight."

Now- the part that reaches up my ass, grabs hold of my intestines and twists:

According to today's NY Daily News: "Ten serial rapists are serving in the U.S. military and have sexually assaulted dozens of fellow soldiers in Iraq, Afghanistan and elsewhere, a watchdog group charged yesterday." So the Pentagon wants to hide rapists, but make an example out of a good soldier who partied just a little too much.




Vikki said...

first off your background freaks me out a little. second i like your views on things.

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you! I took a gander at your blog- very interesting.

FYI, the background is just my eyes (same picture to the right) run through Photoshop's "Glowing Edges" filter.