Tuesday, March 15, 2005

Illustration Friday… do you care what day it is?

Yes! Once again, it's Illustration Friday! This week's topic is Fragile. Yes, I know, everyone is doing a fragile psyche. That's because, let's admit it, we all have one. I'm sure that most people reading this are demented like me. Or, actually, you're demented in your own, sick way. Whatever it is, I salute you, you deranged monkey. You! Yes, YOU. I'm talking to YOU. I KNOW.

Anyway, do us all a favor, click here and read the crap I write. Tell all your friends to come and read it too. It will help sow the hypnotic seeds and I'll be one step closer to world domination. Thanks.



Rebeccashane said...

wow... this is neat. and a little on the spooky side. :)

french toast girl said...

Reminds me of a floating baby in utero... which would fit fragile nicely. ;)

love, me

steve said...

Tony, dude. That is trippy ! I like the faint blue glow. Gives it a nice eerie ambiance. By the way, I mad, you're mad, we're all mad here...:-)

Janey said...

Yes, this is really neat. And I like your drawings too. And I read your "about me". You live in Flushing? I grew up there - parsons blvd to be exact. Haven't been back in ages. Florida is too sunny. And thank you for your comment on my blog.

Anonymous said...

whoa, trippy. don't think i'll be sleeping tonight! spooked me a wee bit...after all i'm the girl who got nightmares from e.t. -yeah, i'm a big pussy!

Beth said...

reminds me of the nirvana cover. fragile, floating baby.