Sunday, March 20, 2005

Oh yeah, I Forgot I had a Blog

Hey there, hi there, ho there. Sorry it's been so long. The last two weeks have been full of burning hot owie pain. On top of bouncing my paychecks, it turned out "Penguin" Electric wasn't paying my benefits package (medical, 401k, vacation fund, b-fund) either- so we lost our medical coverage. After almost two weeks of calling the Union every day (and Jennifer's calling the Dept. of Labor,) we finally have coverage again. Penguin Electric was bought out by "South Pole" Electric, who are back-paying our lost benefits. They're also covering payroll, which means I no longer have to wait a week to be sure my paycheck didn't bounce before I can pay bills. This is all a tremendous load off my mind, and I can go back to worrying about the other thousand things I usually worry about.

I took Joe to see Robots on Saturday. It's great! There's a lot that's above the kids' heads, (I'm probably the only person in the theater who got the slo-mo "Daisy-daisy" joke.) I'm glad Mel Brooks got such a great role.

I also saw the pilot of the new Dr. Who series that some nice guy at the CBC leaked onto the internet. Cute, but far too fast-paced and slick. They tried to cram way too much into one episode. I sighed and popped a good old 1970's Tom Baker (huzzah, huzzah) episode into the VHS player. You just can't go home again.

After taking Joe to the movies, he, Mandy & I went to the playground. They're both too cute for words. Joe played with his friends, while Mandy wandered from fence to fence whilst banging two sticks together. I be blessed.


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