Tuesday, March 01, 2005

Welcome to My Commute.

I've been waiting in the snow for a bus since time immemorial. I've said it before & I'll say it again: The NYC MTA is the most incompetent agency known to mankind.

The bus is here! I read the sticker that says that it's a felony to assault a bus driver (excuse me, "Operator") for the nth time, & I wonder for the nth time if it isn't a felony to assault anyone, weather they're an Operator or not.

(After transferring over to the subway.) An E-train finally came! I can't believe I found a seat, as the car next to this one was virtually empty. For those who don't ride the subway, this means that there's a homeless person in there who reeks so bad that no one in the car can breathe. My stomach twists as I'm reminded of how low a human being can go. It makes me wonder who, if anyone, is on the absolute upper end of the scale of humanity.

Where exactly do I fit on it?

I peruse The Daily News. The NY Post & Newsday are (respectively) Republican & Liberal propaganda rags, so I'm left with the more-or-less unbiased Daily News.

Dear Jack Mathews; I couldn't give a flying f**k about the Oscars. It was two days ago, for Christ's sake. I've been to my share of sci-fi conventions, so I understand the desire to live vicariously- but give it a rest already! I hope someone took pity on you & invited you to a party, because this meaningless event is all you've been gushing about for the past two weeks! Sheesh!

I'm running on caffeine right now. It seems no matter how I try, I can't get enough sleep or get my mojo working. (I can't think of that word without it being in Dr. Evil's voice. ''Mo-jo.") I loved the winter when I was a youngin. I would pretend I was a superhero who could withstand 0-degrees Kelvin. Now I hate the farging season. If I had the cash I'd pack the family in & move out to Monterrey. (I was stationed there a lifetime ago when I was in the Army.)

Everything changes & everything stays the same.

I must go now- another glamorous day in the Big Apple awaits. There are wires to splice, ballasts to ignite, BX to sling. Toodles.


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