Sunday, April 17, 2005

Illustration Friday, the Movie

As I don't have enough confusing things and projects going on in my life right now, (running a small job, writing a book, putting a friend's home movies on DVD, being a husband / dad) I've decided to make a small (3-5) minute animation based on two of my Illustration Friday entries, Ancient and Travel. Right now the working title is False Idols. The above image is from the establishing shot. As I go, I'll be putting wmv's of certain shots on Egotistical Production's animation page. (No, I don't have it there yet. I'll let you know.)

The establishing shot is from another earlier animation, Armageddon (the Planet X Version.) I had done this before in Imagine, (do they even make that program anymore?) and I briefly toyed with re-making it with 3ds Max. It was pretty, but I lost interest as it was something I had done before, cheesy looking as it was. I'm not George Lucas, folks. In short, I replaced the asteroid in the original animation with the rocket ship from my Ancient picture and added a moon.

The original is very colorful. I de-saturated it a little bit and added the grainy diffuse glow. It works, as the rocket ship and suit are something out of a Ray Bradbury (huzzah huzzah) short story.

Right now I'm rendering it at DVD resolution (720 x 480.) I may look into putting it onto film and try to get it into festivals, but that would take much more time (2048 pixels horizontal as a minimum resolution) and probably run me about $700- $1000 for the transfer. Stay tuned!


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steve said...

Lookin' good man. I can't wait till you finish !