Sunday, April 10, 2005

Only the Lonely

The Illustration Friday word of the week is ALONE. Poor little penguin.



JacqueLynn said...

Tony, I really love this, the colors the feet, the whole attitude. It's Great. How'd you create it? What media?
Very Best Regards,
Jacque Lynn Davis

Tony LaRocca said...

Glad you liked it. I drew it with pencil on a sketchpad. After scanning it, I colored it in Photoshop by making it a multiply layer (like drawing on a transparent cell) and coloring multiple layers beneath it. To top it off I did the shadows on their own layer and brought down the visibility percentage to where I wanted it. This way I could change the colors, sketch, and shadows separately without having to worry about messing up.

beth said...

he is hitch hiking! ah! i hope that someone gives him a ride back to his home. the beach is no place for a penguin (unless you are at the flamingo hotel in vegas- they have penguins outside in the desert heat).

paige said...

he he! poor little fella. Very fun illustration!

steve said...

That lil' guy is too cool for Antartica. He needs a talk show and a movie deal. Great cerebral emanation ! Oh, yeah, the illustration rocks too !

french toast girl said...

I dig this one. (Not that I don't dig the others, but I especially dig this one.) Multiply layers are God's gift to the world.

love, me

Anonymous said...

The feet are great! I like this image a lot. They have fairy penguins in Australian heat on beaches, but I can see yours isn't a fairy - he's too cool.