Thursday, May 12, 2005

Blogging on the Bus

Hey there, hi there, ho there! Welcome to the start of my commute on the Q65a in Flushing. Sorry, there's no Illustration Friday this week, but I just couldn't think of anything good, & I didn't want to scribble some crap just to participate. However, Steve's Blog Poison Pencil is always great for brilliantly disturbed tallent.

(On the V train now.) Every day at Queens Plaza at 6:20am, a pretty mid-eastern woman gets on the V train and (as I obviously do) sits in the exact same place. She always sneaks look at the unshaven guy who looks like a bum scribbling in his T3 palm. Good morning! When I'm rich & famous she can tell her offspring that she used to watch me write, and always wondered how a homeless guy could afford such a nice trinket.

(Jump to Manhattan, the middle of my commute.) Dear MTA; For over a year now, the lower area between the E, V & 6 trains at the 53rd & Lex station has reeked of raw sewage. It didn't always smell like a baboon's ass, therefore, some recent event must have caused the area to smell like a baboon's ass. Taking this fact to its logical conclusion- Why the hell don't you fix the problem so the station no longer reeks like my daughter's diapers after she's been eating Gerbers Stage 3 Liver Chunks?

I can't think of anything else to complain about right now, so here are a few False Idols screenshots:

I'm working on the sequence where the rocket lands. This is going to take a very long time, because there are about 4k particles in the shot.

One of the things I'm having fun with in the short is trying to make it look like something out of a 40's sci-fi pulp. This means I can joyfully throw accuracy to the four winds and put in all kinds of crap that an Ed Wood-ish director would have in a sci-fi movie. The object here is to cheesily look "spacy." For example, there's a large dial on Capt. Wilder's (Bradbury allusion) suit. The fun of it is, it's an electric meter dial. You know- the kind in your garage that the meter-man checks.

Anyhoo, in the sequence I'm working on now, my art-deco rocket (the USR Bradbury, to beat an allusion to death) lands like an Apollo rocket launching in reverse. This involves great billowing clouds of smoke and rolling tongues of flame. The rocket fire is loosely based on the flamethrower tutorial in the fantastic book How to Render the Elements in 3dsMAX 6 Without Plugins by . I recommend it, as most plugins (which are pretty much scripted short-cuts of MAX's regular features anyway) cost $300 and up.

Did I mention that the rocket lands when Capt. Wilder presses the bright green "Landing Cycle" button? Its right there, amidst the other colored buttons- next to the bank of hi-tech toggle switches.

Another thing I've done to keep up with the pulp look is to fade my saturation 40%, add a little glow now and then, and a bit of grain. It used to be a larger bit. I liked the effect, but I was loosing too much detail.

Well, here we are, the 125th St. stop in Harlem. 'Till the next one, live long & perspire.


steve said...

(Little does Tony know, but I've been putting on a nice dress and hop on the V train just to look at what he's posting on EgotisticalProductions, shhhhhhhh, here he comes...)
Hey Tony, groovy screen shots of your movie there! It almost has the feel of a Wallace and Grommit episode. Too bad you don't have time for Illustration Friday this week, you would have had fun with it!
P.S. thanx for linking to me as a substitute, poor as I may be. I'll bravely attempt to uphold your good name. Or I'll more likely fall flat on my face (and mess up my makeup). Ooops, you didn't hear that...

Tony LaRocca said...

Anytime, pal, you're stuff is great. I love Wallace and Grommit, though no, Captain Wilder is NOT going to the moon for cheese!

atomicvelvetsigh said...

woahoo.. the twisted great artist is also a film maker... well if you become famous and rich id tell my son "thats the guy i who i used to visit during fridays" hehehe... (not noting where tho. lol)