Sunday, May 15, 2005

One Geeks Plea for Sanity

Even as the biggest geek in the universe, I have to say ENOUGH WITH THE F**KING STAR WARS ALL READY! Jumping Jesus on a pogo stick- this is the ONLY prequel that people have been waiting for for twenty years. We didn't want to see cute little boy Vader in Episode I, we didn't want to see whiny-bitch teenage Vader in Episode II. We will come to Episode III because we want to see Anakin become D.V. Stop shoving it down our throats! Stop with the commercials every five minutes, the cereal/ soda/ m&m/ tie-ins (Though Darth Tater IS cute.) the oh-so-timely ending of this week's Family Guy, the sanitized interview questions on GIVE IT A REST!

Sigh. Time for my medication. Goodnight.



Anonymous said...

You're right, your soul needs some nourishment Tony. Star Wars mania hasn't hit Australia yet. But we do have Soul Snacks like Nabisco's In A Biskit, RITZ, Premium, OREO, Captain's Table and Chips Ahoy!

steve said...

Just wait Tony. Eventually someone will get it into their head to do a pre-pre quel of the Star Wars story, where the sentient races first discover how to tap into and use the Force. And they will use it to push technology to enable them to reach the stars ( which brings up a good question, if you can use the force, why would you need to develope any technology beyond the bronze age ? )
Either that, or there will be an endless series of 'Ewok' specials guest starring Jarr Jarr Binks.
Woof !

Tony LaRocca said...

There's a good question... who do you think would win in a fight to the death between Wicket the Ewok & Jar-Jar Binks? Hopefully neither!

Anonymous said...

Guess I won't mention you could rid your frustrations into art for

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steve said...

The only winner of that fight would be the person who doesn't buy a ticket to see it!
But I think Wicket would have the upper hand intelligence wise.