Sunday, June 19, 2005

Awesome Palm Paint Program

I have to gush here. I've been searching for an os5 Palm paint program with the following qualification: an airbrush tool- an anti-aliased drawing tool that can be layered on. I found a few, (DrawIt, Ninerpaint, Gray Paint) but they were all low-res (160x160) None of them were hi-res (320x320,) or worked with os5. There are a few "established" paint programs out there- Teal Paint, Hand Painter Pro- that cost a little bit of $ and are hi-res, but didn't have the airbrush tool that I really wanted.

I was about to give in, buy Hand Painter (about $12) and blur/color the drawings with Photoshop. Then I found MoePaint. It's freeware, and it's almost Photoshop for palm. There's an airbrush tool (the paintbrush,) there's layers, so I can color behind my sketching… and it's FREE. So if you're trying to use your os5 palm to sketch, I would definitely suggest Googling this.

Here's a shot from an upcoming episode of my web-comic Webby:

Pretty neat, huh? It's not pixilated like the pictures made with all the other palm-paint programs. I had to add the text with Photoshop, but this is great! I love free stuff.



Anonymous said...

OOOhhh, can't wait for some Webby electricity! This peek image is outstanding!

jas faulkner said...

Great image! It gave me junior high nerd library flashbacks. Thankd Dog for cubby holes!

Shelly McC said...

This is great, I think I not only need the program but I really NEED a palm!! So cool!