Friday, June 03, 2005

Digits with the Shizzits in the Hizzits

The Illustration Friday word of the week is DIGITAL.

Ok, digital… as in, CGI. Perfect. Perhaps I should have drawn fingers- or even toes? Hmmm… This kind of looks like something from an 80's computer game cover… probably a text adventure! How I loved text adventures… I would write text adventure games, if there was any $ in it. I was thinking of writing some and trying to sell them for the palm- maybe for just a dollar- but then I realized that as any nincompoop with a search engine can find Infocom games out there for free, why would they pay for my amateur stuff? There are great compilers out there for making point-and-click graphic adventure games for the PC, I have to figure out how to make them for the Palm. (Because, A) I wouldn't have to do voices, animations, etc, as I would for a PC game, and B) I spend lots of time on my palm playing classic Lucas SCUMM games and other made-for-palm adventures.)

Like I don't have enough projects going on.

Sorry, that was all a bit rambling, wasn't it?



Rebeccashane said...

YOU that face is F-N freakin me out! thanks.. i will now have Binary nightmares.. LOL.. I just love your take on things. Great piece, shows the evil hold that techology has on us. we cant live with out it.. but cant stand it all the same. -btw thanks for pointing out the flaw to my piece.. CURSE YOU LaRocca! ;o)

steve said...

This is what happens when you eat baking soda and pop rocks at the same time while building a static charge by scruffing your feet on a thick carpet.
POW !!!!!

BTW, I luved those old text adventure games like Zork and The Hitchiker's Guide To The Galaxy. Too bad brains have been replaced by knee jerk reactions.
Oh, Great Underground Empire. Where art thou ?
Great image there, Tony! Sorry for digressing.

Bertha said...

Ah, TEXT ADVENTURES!! Fantastic!!

Aravis said...

Despite the peaceful, celestial blue you chose, the mask is still creepy! *G*

FourDotsDesigns said...

That shiny smile...sooooo creepy! Even creepier cause I just got done watching a scary movie :S

Anonymous said...

That's what our faces will look like in the future if we don't pull them away from monitors every now and again! Excellent Stuff!

JacqueLynn said...

Tony you always hit the mark. Your work has such a "grab" appeal. It grabs you and you have to look at it. Great lighting effects! Jacque