Thursday, July 07, 2005

Random Acts of Blogging

I keep starting and stopping blogs, because my brain is completely disorganized right now. I mean it. Pure tofu. So, I've decided just to give some snippets that cross my mind.

1) London. I am so sorry. I remember the fear after 9/11 that anything could happen in our city again, at any time. My heart goes out to you all. Now we have this huge show of highly armed police all over our subways again. I think we're on code fuchsia or something.

2) "Was Valerie Plame's ouster Karl Rove (*wolves howl*)?" This wet dream of Bush haters is sweeping across the internet. Personally, I just don't see it. Pretend you're president of the US & you want to get back at a CIA agent for saying that Saddam wasn't trying to buy uranium in Africa. Would your revenge be to a) kill him b) send him on a covert mission to clean out public toilets in Baghdad for a year, or c) blow his (fellow CIA agent) wife's cover? Sorry, but I just don't see what possible reward the Bush (or his evil puppet masters, if you're convinced he has them) would get out of option C. Then again, NOTHING Bush has done has made any sense, so I suppose…

3) Speaking of terrorism, wanting to keep "America is the root of all evil" artwork out of future Ground Zero memorials is NOT a violation of free speech- it's a matter of respect and kindness to the families of the almost 3000 people who died there. Free speech means that I can declare here that I believe President George W. Bush is a supreme nincompoop and not be arrested for treason. That's all. It does NOT mean that I can turn a site of mass murder into a politically correct free-for-all.

4) Oh darn- NYC lost the bid for the Olympics. I read in the Daily News that one of the O.C.'s main concerns was that 75% of NYers DID NOT F**KING WANT IT. I sure as hell didn't- Shea Stadium is a mile from my house on the LIE. IT ALLREADY TAKES ME AN HOUR TO DRIVE TEN MILES ON THE LIE IN RUSH HOUR TRAFFIC. OK, now that Bloomberg has tried once again to distract us from the fact that NOTHING has been done at Ground Zero since 9/11, can we PLEASE rebuild downtown NY and work on our decrepit infrastructure? Is that too much to ask?

All right, enough ranting. Go to sleep. 'Nite



steve said...

Somehow I think that terrorism is gonna be harder to root out than the Bush administration keeps saying. How do you even know what a person is thinking, let alone planning ? A lot of this stems from our intrusion into other people's properties, and world poverty, and our psychotic policy of enemy/friend (we are quite bi-polar about this).
As long as free speech allows me to pass gas in my home unmolested, there is hope...
You are totally right about NY and the Olympics. Focus instead on job creation and lowering debt. Don't let your mayor distract you dude.

Tony LaRocca said...

Juuuuuuuuuuuust SLIGHTLY harder than they let on. :) As someone who supported the war in Iraq from the begining, I was shocked back in the Summer of 2003 when it became apparant that Bush had no exit plan whatsoever (& STILL doesn't!) Silly me, taking it for granted that they would actually have planned what to DO with the country BEFORE they decided to take it over.

Tony LaRocca said...

Looks like I have egg on my face (& no, that doesn't mean a night with Yoko Ono) on the Karl Rove (hooowwwwwl!) thing. Great- another idiot in the administration does something pointless. Please oh please fry this moron for jeapordizing national security.

steve said...

It's a cannibalistic culture, dude. For some reason the Bush administration believes it is above the law. Nice. Why do we even have laws if your own lawmakes are breaking the law ?

Someone needs a serious public spanking at least...