Friday, September 23, 2005

The Economy's Tubes are Tied

Rant rant rant. See Tony rant. Rant Tony, rant. (Just to warn you all, here's a free-flow economic ranting.)

My God, they've made credit reports such a scam. First of all, whenever you inquire into your own credit history- it hurts you. If you have credit cards and don't use them, it hurts you. When you do use them and pay your bill within a month before they can charge you interest it hurts you. THE WHOLE MOTHERFUCKING SCAM OF CREDIT IS TO GET YOU TO PAY MORE AND MORE MONEY TO THE BANKS FOR NO REASON (USING CREDIT CARDS AND PAYING INTEREST,) OR THEY WILL HURT YOUR CREDIT HISTORY!

Scam #2- ATM fees, or how to flush the value of the dollar down the toilet. Do you think your credit card interest is too high? How about the fact that if you pay $1.50 (average) for using an ATM that is not your bank's, and also charged $1.50 (average) for your own bank, you are now paying $3.00 for your ATM use. Keep in mind that the average ATM withdrawal is $20. CONGRATULATIONS, YOU HAVE JUST PAID 15% INTREST ON A SIMPLE WITHDRAWAL. You would NEVER get a credit card that high, but you do it for your own money! Just keep devaluing the dollar, baby. It's just paper anyhow. Hail euro, hail peso.

Next item up for bid: Capitol One recently overcharged me, or claimed I didn't make a payment, or something like that. I forget. I called the 800# on the back of the card and listened. Option 1… Option 2… no, none of these… option 435,111,690.555... REPEAT THESE OPTIONS? I WANT TO TALK TO A LIVE HUMAN BEING! But alas, it was not to be. Out of desperation, I hit Zero. "Please wait." A dial tone… then… "may I help you?" Ha ha! I'd beaten the system.

"Do you know how long it took me to get to you?" I asked.

"Um… you can reach an operator any time by hitting zero," the poor guy at the phone, probably outsourced in India because this country hates supporting its own citizens, but anyway…

"But the menu never SAYS to hit Zero," I said. "Why is that? Why does a customer have to figure out the secret code to talk to a human being?"

"Ummmmm" the guy said. I began to feel pity as I could almost taste the barbecue-sauce flavored charred goo that was beginning to flow from his smoking ears. The customer had asked a FORBIDDEN QUESTION into why the company did NOT want the customers easily making contact with someone who could actually help them. I laughed, imaging the wet spot that was forming on his BVDs, as his mind raced to come up with some sort of intelligent answer, when there was none. It was all bullshit, and he was in the middle. "You um… can reach an operator…"

"Never mind," I replied, taking pity on the poor devil. He probably went home and cried. Well, probably not. He probably went home and complained about some asshole customer that didn't understand that he was just a phone-answering peon. So it goes.

Recently, I purchased an Ipaq 4705. It's a great little pocket pc, except that they have a touch sensitive pad instead of buttons. What a stupid, ridiculous design. I can't play any of my Nintendo emulators, because you can't just rest your fingers on the pad the way you would buttons. Also, the damn thing is too ahead of it's time. It has a VGA screen, but there is very little Pocket PC software out there that is actually IN VGA, so you have to run them in lo-resolution. Regoddamndiculous.

Anyway… SOMEDAY, SOMEWHEN, Windows Mobile 5 (Which hopefully has much better VGA support than Windows Mobile 2003 & ½) is actually released, Ipaq is supposed to send out an upgrade disk. Windows Mobile 5 is actually still vaporware- it does not really exist, even though it was supposed to come out at the end of the summer- but that's beside the point. If you don't believe me, just try to find out exactly WHEN they're going to release it.

Back on topic… I tried e-mailing HP (Makers of Ipaq) about the upgrade. Of course, they can't just give you an email address, that would be far too convenient. Instead, you have to fill out a detailed online form, choosing what area of HP you wanted to send the letter too. Of course, there was no listing whatsoever for the Ipaq 4705. So I tried support for a different model. The javascript just wouldn't work. What to do what to do… WAIT! Here's an email for people who want to BUY Ipaqs! And wouldn't you know THAT address works! Assholes…

(Here endeth the rant. Go in peace, to love and rant at the Lord. Thanks be to Blog.)



Anonymous said...

You are slowly catching on Tony - when making a phone call to speak to a real human, ONLY dial the number for those that need an interpreter :)

Rev. Jim said...


Your rantings are giving me a hard-on.....

Tony LaRocca said...

Hey, we all do what we can.