Wednesday, September 28, 2005

E.T., the Extra-Testicle

Not wanting to be conventional, I've gone out and purchased a third ball (and a glove to wear while playing with it!) The first time I tried it out, a cut on my finger split, and I managed to bleed right into my brand new ball's fingerhole. Fortunately, I knew what to do, and immediately recited the Pater Noster backwards, enslaving a deamon inside of the polyurethane. I'm not sure if this helps or not, but it's sure as hell fun to do- and a blood stain is a lot better way of identifying my ball than engraving!



french toast girl said...

I like the idea of a demon inside the bowling ball - if you rub the ball, does he have to comeout and grant you wishes? If you get all gutterballs, can you blame it on him? (Is it a him?) If Cookie Monster could have a Genie of the Toothpaste Tube, you can have a Demon of the Bowling Ball.

love, me

The Tart said...

You have the best that bowling ball...strikes for everyone!