Wednesday, September 21, 2005

Weather Machine, Anyone?

What in blue blazes is going on in the gulf with all these hurricanes? Seriously, did God have a bad time at Mardi Gras? Maybe he tried to pick up one of those wild topless chicks, and she turned him down. That's it, he decided, I'm smoting your sorry Dixieland-playing asses off the face of the earth. Do you think the governments will get it right this time? If I was W. I'd have everyone in uniform ready and waiting. Put hurricanes under the axis of evil. And you know what? As incompetent as his last hurricane performance was, I can't understand why people aren't just as pissed off at the local governments that had no evacuation plans whatsoever. Maybe W. should just evacuate the black people this time, so everyone crying racism will feel vindicated. Even better, they should put Barbara Bush in a shelter for the night- see how she likes it before she runs her mouth off again. I'd like to conclude with this bit of wisdom:

Q: What is George W. Bush's opinion on Roe vs Wade?

A: He doesn't give a damn HOW they get out of New Orleans



Anonymous said...

Mwahahahaa };-}

The Whippy Curly Tails said...

T--we in the Toasty South feel just the same...what the heck is going on here! Yikes.

We are safe from the gulf coast, but today I met many folks while traveling that have families leaving their homes on the coast right now. Sheesh. It sounds like San Antonio & Austin will be the new Bed & Breakfast for a while for many people.

LOL about Barbara Bush in a shelter...I had another good idea...she and Daddy Bush should turn their home into a shelter. Barbara could be the best hostess!

Many thanks for your comments.