Tuesday, November 15, 2005

An Open Message to The NY Daily News, The NY Post, and Any One Else in the Media Who Does Not Have Two Brain Cells to Rub Together.

Thanks, all of you who reported that the Firefighter-Impersonating Rapist is- or WAS- being tracked by his MTA card. Now, of course, the son of a bitch will get a new MTA card that he will pay cash for, that can't be tracked back to him. Who knows- maybe he'll sell his existing card to throw the cops off the scent, now that you mongoloids have informed him of their plans. Jerkoffs.

Lovingly yours


Hellcat said...

Eloquent letter Tony!

Knitting Painter Woman said...

In general, the news about criminals and civility have been in an unfortunate ratiio this week. Police officer killed in the line of duty here in Dallas, teens gone beserk, etc. Just going to stay home and get warm under the covers.

Todd DeWolf said...

Couldn't have said any better myself. Very to the point!

steve said...

The media has no morals nor any common sense. You know this. And newspapers are no exception. Anything for viewership ($), even if it puts peoples' lives in danger.

Just call them 'Lethal Busybodies' or 'Nosey Numbnutz'. Give them hell, Tony !