Saturday, December 03, 2005

Blog Potpourri

1) Am I the only one who finds the tip cups that are appearing at cash registers everywhere obnoxious? Servers get paid less because they receive tips, and I don't mind tipping people who perform a service for me, (like when the building people have to fix something in the apartment) but sorry- cashiers are just doing their jobs!

2) Last night Joe asked me out of the blue if he'll go to heaven when he's dead

"Sure," I replied.

Next, he wanted to know if you eat in heaven. I told only if he wanted to, because he won't have a body- it'll be down here on earth.

"But will my eyes be open?" he asked.

I told him no, but it didn't matter because there wouldn't be anything to look at inside of the coffin anyway. This sent him into screaming fits of terror. He grabbed at me, screaming that he didn't want to die. If he didn't have a body, how would he hug me in heaven?

I calmed him down and asked if he ever dreamed that he was in school.


I then asked him where his ears and eyes were when he was dreaming?

"Here in bed…"

"But you can see and hear in your dreams, even though your eyes and ears are here in bed, right?"


"Well, it's like that."

I explained that his body was a spacesuit to hold his soul. When you're born, your soul comes down from heaven to go inside of your spacesuit. When you're suit doesn't work anymore, you die. So it's very very important to take care of your spacesuit, to eat right, exercise, and not to drink to excess or do drugs, because that will mess up your spacesuit.

"Why did I come down from heaven to be in a spacesuit?" was, of course, the next question.

I told him that God was everywhere- including inside of him. God was here, in his spacesuit, so his job was to fill his life with joy, so God could feel the joy along with him.

Again, I have no idea where this conversation came from. However, this morning I received a phone call from Washington Memorial Cemetery, offering special deals to plots on couples. Yep- you heard right- they are now soliciting grave plots over the phone. So maybe everyone else knows something I don't…



Janet said...

I have two boys, 18 and 24 yrs. This brought back memories.I miss the bedside discussions.

Anonymous said...

Glad we don't tip in my country. Thanks for the lesson about death. You know something I don't!

merlinprincesse said...

Really strange conversation. But I like your story!!!! Very much!

Weichuen You said...

I meant to leave a message for your illo for "Blue," but it didn't work when I clicked on the comment button. Anyway, I just want to let you know that your idea is brilliant!

doodlegirl said...

What a neat concept. Here's to a long, happy love-filled life to you and your family!

Kay Aker said...

Wow,how profound. Kids have a way of getting right to the core issues. And your response so trenchant and poetic. It makes me think of the words of Jesus,"He who believes in me, though he may die, yet he shall live."

Hellcat said...

*ding* Scribblesk has just solved a profound question of mine ... NOW I know what those that are doomed to remain as ghosts did wrong };-}