Monday, January 23, 2006

I'm a Jerzy Girl, In a Jerzy World…

Now, many of you who have frequented this site have seen ridiculous, sometimes obscene comments made by some supposed bimbo named "Jerzy Girl." "Her" site is peppered with pictures of actress Christine Lakin (from "Step by Step,") who could more accurately be described as a Texas girl.

I do, however, have a pretty good idea who the person is who has left these comments (and others, I assume, under various anonymous names.) He (possibly she, but I have a pretty good suspect in mind) has dropped hints and mentioned people that I've known. He has also left these sort of comments on someone else's site.

Now, you may ask, what kind of a person really has nothing better to do than to make a fake site with pictures of celebrities, frequent a blog of someone he knew under a fake name, and leave these sort of comments? I know exactly the type of person, and he does too. If I am right, he's a (hopefully former) schoolteacher, about the age of 43, who once was dating someone very close to me, and stole money from her, along with my guitar.

So, Exidor's old friend (if I'm right,) kindly fuck off.

With Love,


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Sweet letter :)

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