Wednesday, January 18, 2006

Manipulating by the Numbers

For those who don't live in the NY tri-state area, we had a tragedy recently in NYC. A seven year old girl, Nixzmary Brown, was killed by her stepfather after months of tourture. Repeated calls were made to child services by concerned teachers, but no one helped her.

There's nothing I can say that hasn’t been said allready. But this morning I saw news footage of a vigil for the poor child. Another little girl was sobbing her terrified eyes out. I thought at first that it was a relative or a friend, but it turned out the mourner didn’t even know the victim. She was just there, she said as the newscaster put her arm around her, "because the story touched her."

I don’t believe in being overprotective or lying to kids, but who in their right mind would explain all this to a seven-eight year old, and then bring her out in biting cold twenty-degree weather for someone she never met? Is it necessary to stick a camera in the face of a child who is probably screaming inside, now that she knows she lives in a world where mommies & daddies can do these kind of things? What is wrong with people?

On a lighter note- a special message to P.N.: Buck up, little camper! William Shatner's just sold at auction for $125Gs!



Anonymous said...

I glue headphones on my kids until they are thirteen.

Anonymous said...

Then they glue them on themselves at fourteen.