Friday, February 10, 2006

Keep It Simple

Simple. I asked Joe to do this week's Illustration Friday for me. Here are his minimalist interpretations of a Tie Fighter Advanced (the kind Darth Vader flew) and a Gameboy.

Here are some more answers to things you wanted to know:

Suppose for a moment that by changing the color of the sky, you could stop global warming. What color would you choose?
The sky is blue because that is the wavelength photons travel along when the white light of the sun (when above the horizon) is refracted towards the center of the atmosphere (the ground.) As the sun nears the horizon, its angle of refraction changes and the photons reach us at slower frequencies, which we see as red. (Keep in mind that color is merely how our brains displays in our minds the different wavelengths of light that our eyes perceive)

So to answer your question: To change the color by changing the angle of refraction, I’d have to- (a) change the chemical composition of the atmosphere or (b) put up an "ozone force shield" like in that Worst Sequel to an Awesome Movie Award winner, Highlander 2. If I changed the color of light that was refracted toward the light towards the earth, there would be consequences. For example, chlorophyll eats all wavelengths of light EXCEPT green- which is why it's reflected back to our eyes. Too much green light & the plants die. Too much violet light, the plants thrive. Then they would consume more CO2 which would mean... the list of cause and effect is endless.

So, I hear you cry, what color would you change the sky to to stop global warning? Black. I would cover the world in utter darkness. Then the global warming would stop, and the global freezing could begin.

How often do you have lucid dreams and just how much control do you have over the dream and yourself in the dream when you do?
It depends. It used to happen on its own about once a month. I was once quite good at making them happen by focusing my will as I fell asleep, but lately I've lost the knack- probably because I haven’t been getting enough sleep.

The great thing about dreams is that scientists really have no idea what they are. They insist emphatically that they are NOT omens, OBEs, past live, etc, etc, etc, but they don’t really know what they ARE. And though they have theories (random flashes of neural energy that our mind interprets as an event,) lucid dreams throw monkey wrenches into most of them.

1.Think about it all the time. Make a habit of questioning weather you're dreaming or not.

2. Figure out a trigger. My best one is vision. My eyesight is terrible. So if I can see clearly w/o glasses, I know I’m dreaming.

3. BEWARE OF LOOPS. Loops are my term for when I lose control of a dream. This is usually caused by strong emotion, such as fear or sexual desire. For example, I was looking for a door (more on that later.) However, I was also being chased. Instead of fighting my pursuers, or simply ignoring them, I became caught in the loop of the chase. Remember your goal & don’t get caught up in the minutia.

4. Beware other people. My LDs are sometimes chock full of strangers. This usually happens at night, so I’m wondering if they are other people's dreams. I can’t interact with most of them; the ones I can interact with usually sidetrack me from my goal.

5.Transportption. I love to fly in my LDs. However, I can’t get very far. It's as if each setting is on a giant soundstage, perhaps a mile in each direction. Instead, I use doors. I stand before a door, state my intent, open the door, and (usually) I go where I want. I’ve heard of others using will power alone to teleport to a different location, but I’ve never gotten it to work.

6. Keep your mind as clear as possible. Worries (is this going to work?) fears, etc. can sidetrack you.

7. Get your sleep! For some reason, it works best if you've gotten up after about 5 hours sleep or so, sit up for fifteen minutes, then go back to bed. Try it.

That's it for this week, feel free to ask more. BTW, I've added a few more animations/movies to YouTube. Keep checking for more. You know you want to. What else are you going to do, look at porn? There's just so many pictures out there of Tara Reid falling out of her dress before it gets old, you know. Expand your horizons.



Anonymous said...

Great work Joe! Daddy is way too complicated to do simple };-}

The Unknown said...

I can't get the gameboy to work. I need my tetris!

Aravis said...

Joe is obviously quite talented. :0)

I have been enjoying your responses very much. Your final sentence to me actually managed to make me laugh. But you've left me wondering: is it really night now, or have you already gone and painted that sky black? *G*

carla said...

These are super, Joe...I'm wondering if Dad might let you write the post next time!

Tony...your responses to those questions are certainly have an answer to almost everything. I'd vote for you:>

merlinprincesse said...

MMMM. Nice simple! But strange daddy!
PS I Love lucid dreams!

Catnapping said...

what a great post! i'm super busy this morning, and only meant to come by for a quick read, but i had to say something.

i love your explanations, here.

and i love both of Joe's illustrations. i'm impressed that people can play complicated games on the pooter. i play solitaire and mahjong. that's all i can wrap my brain around.

Joe said...

Wow! I got an answer and didn't ask a question!:-) Good work Joe!

HARDWAX said...

It's refreshing to see an illo that really is simple-love your artwork Joe

steve said...

Joe is a true and skilled young minimalist. Great subject matter too!

Lee said...

is gameboy like fanboy? nice illo, tell Joe he should play more often :)

Caroline said...

Thanks for all the info on how you dream - I occassionally have lucid dreams but not as often as I'd like!

Ian T. said...

The second one reminds me of the kind of pictures you can draw on those magnetic drawing things they make for kids (using the round magnet).

These two make a nice pair, contrasting linear against shapely approaches - good work, Joe!

Janet said...

Way to go, Joe! Tony, you're one interesting fella!

String said...

Good on ya Jo, please put a Dalek in next time!

String said...

Well so far you are the only one besides me that I have found who has used childrens pegged mine completely!