Friday, March 10, 2006

Behold the Artwork of Joe

After drawing a previous Illustration Friday for me (Simple,) Joe is going to participate in Illustration Friday every week. His own blog is dARTh-JOE. (Get it? d ART h – JOE?) Check it out if you get a chance.



atomicvelvetsigh said...

strange.. i can't seem to post a comment on tiger tiger (dead link)

but wanted to say..

that is a very interesting story! reminds me of someone that used to haunt me - he was full of hatred that it makes him look like a different person whenever his 'episodes' attack. anyway.. about the "Jaunting" oh how i would love that too! but i guess they will ask for higher taxes for that.

btw, i came across a resto named "La Rocca's Italian Ices" in Staten Island, NY. First time i read it, i
remembered you! Do you happen to be related to the owners? hmm.. just wondering.. 8)

; * said...

I am on my way.
I love it when you stop by... you say it like it is. Thanks!!

The Tart