Sunday, April 09, 2006

Free Speech for Some

While zipping around, I had the misfortune to come across a posting of Michael Moore's animated fecal matter from Bowling for Columbine, "A Brief History of the United States of America." Like all of Michael Moore's… well, I'll let you read my comment for yourself (I have to post the comment here, because the schmuck who posted the video actually deleted it!):

"Typical of Michael Moore, this doesn't actually ACCUSE anyone of anything. It merely makes it SEEM like all NRA members are white racist murderers. If you just take the worst points of history and string them together without cause, nothing can be defended. This film also polarizes all whites (killers) against all blacks (peaceful). (Obviously, only white suburbanites are gun-toting murderers. The whole gangsta/rap culture must be the fault of all those evil whites who ran from the cities.)"

Now, if you look at the other videos this hypocrite has posted, they include a comment taken out of context by President Bush, and a news item about AIDS and Bayer. Of course, this guy is allowed to post whatever he wants, (to be honest, I agree with the statements made in the Bush and AIDS videos,) and I can safely assume that his thinking leans a bit to the left. But obviously this "liberal" attitude doesn't extend to free speech- as least as far as anyone disagreeing with him!

Hell, I didn't even delete the comment of the loser who posted on my Special Effects Lesson video that his version was "more entertaining." (It's not.) I admit I've deleted a comment or two here when a poster talked about someone else's personal business, and I can't swear there are some other circumstances where I wouldn't decide to delete someone's comment. It just amazes me that to post these controversial videos, this guy obviously thinks he's such a freedom fighter, a rebel, a voice that can't be silenced against the evil right wing empire. But in reality, he's such a coward that he deletes a dissenting comment!

Enough ranting- g'night!


Epilogue: May 30, 2006

Someone else has posted this piece of tripe on Youtube. While I might not agree with him, at least he has the testicular fortitude to allow opposing comments and debate his position.


catnapping said...

confession time...

I am the NRA! I was a member for almost 19 years. I quit last year, and the only reason was because I couldn't afford to pay the dues. It's not much...but I have to budget very carefully these days if I wanna keep my internet connection.

I'm as liberal as they come. In fact, I believe that humans evolved to live in small clans practicing primitive communism. I think capitalism/consumerism is the death of our planet. I have to live in that system, but I believe that capitalism is immoral...and that makes me immoral for contributing.

But as to the NRA. I'm not white; I'm not male; and I'm not republican.

I happen to believe that our 'forefathers' drafted that amendment to protect us from tyrants. I shudder to think what Bush would have done by now if he didn't have to worry about the millions of small weapons cached by true American patriots like me!

(i like to rant, too.)


Tony LaRocca said...

Thanks Cat- I'm a white male of Sicilian decent, and a former member of the U.S. Army. I don't own any firearms, nor am I an NRA member. However, I firmly believe that it is every LAW ABIDING CITIZEN's right to bear arms- to a point. That point ends at "cop killer" bullets and automatic weapons. I also support full background/nationwide checks. Sadly, here in NYC they want to pass harder and harder gun laws but not actually enforce them. Many of the violent crimes committed in this city are by repeat offenders who got slap on the wrists repeatedly from lax enforcement of our "strict" gun laws. Also, political pressures on the police force often cause violent crimes to be pleaded down so that crime statistics drop. This has all created a system where it's much easier to buy a gun illegally than legally.

Personally, I consider myself a conservative, (meaning I only think the government should have to control the bare minimum necessary,) which obviously means I'm not in step with the current Republican administration.

As far as capitalism versus communism, I don't think any "system" works 100%, but I defiantly prefer capitalism. The problem with communism is that it looks great on paper, but in real life it's always lead to totalitarism. "The good of the many" always winds up an excuse for crushing freedom of religion, freedom of speech… freedom in general. Economically, the concept of, "From each according to his ability to each according to his need," (Karl Marx) leads to everyone trying their best to be in need. People just don't want to work their hardest if they're not going to get anymore out of it than if they do their least.

On the other hand, rampant capitalism leads to greed and poverty- the rich get rich and the poorer get poorer. So there does need to be checks and balances, unions to protect the workers' rights, and society does need to take care of those in need. The problem is people get caught up in strictly following some doctrine (liberal/ conservative/ Democrat/ Republican/ communist/ capitalist) or other rather than doing what is best at the time.