Friday, April 14, 2006

Intollerance & Satire for All!

Happy Good Friday to all! In my childhood, this day was spent in church, or outside watching the Catholic School kids act out The Passion Play- though not with as much enthusiasm as Mel Gibson's production. (Maybe we would have payed more attention if they had.) Those of us who went to public school and had to go to CCD only got to watch the spectacle.

As Joe is in CCD himself now, he comes up with great questions. For example, last Sunday they told him about Passover and the 10th plague. So, of course, Joe wants to know who had all these first born sons killed. Now, what am I supposed to tell him? That (according to the Bible) since the Pharaoh didn't do what God wanted, He killed off all the first born male Egyptian children? That God- the same God that I've been telling him is synonymous with love- is the original terrorist? Either I'm right or the Bible is.

Speaking of religious terrorism, what did you all think of South Park in the past two weeks? If you didn't see the two-parter, it was about Comedy Central's refusal to air images of Mohammad following the whole Danish cartoon affair. The ending of part two featured a (fake) terrorist-made cartoon, in which Jesus shits on George Bush and the American Flag. The whole point of this was to show what hypocrites the media are when it comes to allowing Jesus to be desecrated as opposed to being tolerant of other religions (in this case, Islam.) The funny thing is that every episode's opening titles contains the cartoon of Mohammad from "The Super Best Friends." (He's on the right, in the middle.) I guess Comedy Central didn't notice.

Lost amid all the furor is a landmark reached by this episode: It is the first time in television history that President George W. Bush was actually portrayed in a good light. Amazing.

Well, anyway, have a good Easter/ Passover/ whatever.




Knitting Painter Woman said...

I didn't see episode #2, but heard about the pius TV pontificator's comkplaints. As Dear Hubby says, no one hwas the "right" to never be offended. Sometimes you just have to suck it up... (And perhaps the more sensitive (or outrageous) one is, the more often one will have to do so. There IS a difference between being intentionally obnoxious and stating one's opinions though. and certainly we need to learn to tolerate the latter.
Hope you're feeling better. Nothing worse than a spotty bottom.
Moon or not.

Tony LaRocca said...

I have to SLIGHTLY disagree with you on this one. I think everyone has the right to be offended and a vocal about it as they wish. (For example, back in 2003, The Dixie Chicks had the right to say whatever they wanted about the president- and people who weren't happy had the right to say whatever they wanted about The Dixie Chicks.) The problem is that when people get offended, "The Minority Rules" factor goes into effect. This factor states that if one person out of a thousand is offended, his or her concerns overpower that of the majority. This is because the United States is a consumer-based economy, which is fed by advertising. The point of television and radio is to bring as many viewers as possible to the commercials, AND NOTHING ELSE. So if there is the possibility of scaring off the target audience, offensive material will be pulled.

tiffini elektra x said...

I thought part one was absolutely brilliant. Part two was tedious and a bit dull. It should have ended with the big wheel chase at the end of part one. But that is just my opinion.