Friday, April 07, 2006

Scribblings & Dribblings

Yes, you've got that right. It's 12:19 in the morning, and I can't sleep, because being out of work due to the fact that my back is about as useless as a water balloon, I've been keeping bizarre irregular hours.

Jen's asleep. Mandy's asleep. Joe's asleep. I can sit here for a little bit. There's pain in the root of my spine, but it's not bad. What'll be bad is when I get up and hobble to bed. But I'm sick of it, sick of lying there with only the voices in my own head for company. The voices that don't even say anything interesting, like, "Kill, kill all those who worship the false idol, Cool Whip!" or "Aren't the Moon-Penguins trying to destroy humanity through the Liberal Democrat / Conservative Republican media machine?" No, they don't say interesting things like that, I have to think them all by myself. Or maybe I'm like Stephen King, and I'm just a medium for what the muses type through me. (So don't blame me when I write crappy endings to series that have taken me twenty years to finish, (The Dark Tower) or when I write myself as a character into my own books. Oh, to be so famous as to be able to publish ANYTHING…)

But I digress.

I must state here and now that Jennifer has been a right angel taking care of me through all this. She has been everything to me, and I love her and thank her. AWWWWW.

Anyway, I'm off to bed to lie there, stare at the ceiling, and see if I can alter the universe through mental applications of quantum physics, Qi Kung, and playing Nethack. Cheerio.



Lee said...

glad you're up some tony and that you've got such a sweet streak in spite of the pain ;)

put some pink floyd on while you're lying there and the voices will say all that other stuff...

Tony LaRocca said...

Actually, if you can't sleep, "Dark Side of the Moon" works for me every time. I'm ususally alseep before the end of "Eclipse."

french toast girl said...

I love you. Lots. :)

Tony LaRocca said...

I love you lots too!