Thursday, May 25, 2006

Illustration Thursday

I checked on Illustration Friday about ten times this morning, to see what the new word of the week was. Finally, my sister Elena was kind enough to inform me that it's THURSDAY.

I need more sleep.

Not that I'm trying to invite criticism or controversy, (though I wouldn't run from them either,) but I was a bit surprised that no one took umbrage that my last IF post (scroll down) lampooned suicide. I've decided that if I ever killed myself, I would use this picture as a note. But I wouldn't hang myself. I would find a much much more interesting way to go. Not that I have any plans to do so, of course, but I just would never do it in a way so... plebian.

I knew a guy named Steve Ledzian in High School. As our last names are so close together, we had been lab partners since eighth grade. By Junior year, we were trying to think of ways to kill each other to prevent it happening again. He decided that when he did me, he was going to crazy-glue my nostrils shut, and inject a can's worth of whipped cream down my lungs. Before I'd ever consider doing myself in, I'd have to come up with something on par with that, just out of principle.

Of course, not being suicidal, I've decided that when I DO die, I'm going to go like Slim Pickens in Doctor Strangelove: riding a nuclear bomb down to ground zero, waving my cowboy hat and shouting "WA-HOOOOO!" It's all about presentation.



Christine Lim said...

It's friday where I live, and it's bedtime of course. But I am glad you are still alive. ;)

Caroline said...

Interstingly New Scientist has a report today mentioning that to lose weight (this is my link to your "Slim Pickens") some people need to sleep more (and this is my to your state).

Your classmate was pretty inventive wasn't he!

lx said...

sleep is always good ;-) I wish I had some more. Just one more day to go before the weekend!

merlinprincesse said...

OH!Tony! You definitively need more sleep. I'm against suicide, but you should read "Final Exit for Cats"...That is really funny!