Wednesday, May 03, 2006

Say Hello, Cookie. "Hello, Cookie!"

Uncle Dave (a friend of my father's) used to tell a joke about a guy who opened a fortune cookie to find the message, "Help, help, I'm a prisoner in a cookie factory!" After re-reading an old sci-fi story entitled The Misfortune Cookie by Charles E. Fritch, I got to wondering: has anyone ever received a REAL fortune in a fortune cookie? Not a printed-in-red bland and inoffensive, "The road to happiness is paved with wontons of perseverance," or some meaningless dribble like that- but a real fortune, like "You will win big in honorable Super-Bowl pool," or "This food will give you diarrhea in an hour." Maybe you have to go to China to get the real thing.


PS. A free kiss on the nose to whoever can tell me what cartoon this entry's title is from.


Cookie said...

Hello! Hhahhhaaaahhahahhahahaaaaaaaa!! Teehee

pedalpower said...

Hello Cookie...Sound's like Bozo's circus to me...but I grew up around Chicago.

Christine Lim said...

Can't tell you the answer to the title! But I like the notes!

Thanks for dropping by my blog again. It's good to be back on your blog for some laughters.

Cookie said...

Hello! Hahhehheeeee!! What about Bonzo's Circus?

Natalia said...

Once I got a cookie that said something good was coming in the mail and then shortly after we got the letter that my husband had got his visa interview approved.

I also got fortunes that I was good at sports and would excell in business, so I think that was just random. I only save the likely fortunes.

BTW - they don't use fortune cookies in China or HK or Taiwan. that was invented in the Chinatowns of California. My Chinese friends told me this.