Tuesday, July 25, 2006

False Idols Clip #2

Here's another small sampling of False Idols. Getting done... slolwy...

A note to all 3dsMax users out there. If you're going to mix fog and volume fog, make sure to put the volume fog FIRST. I banged my head against the computer for a day trying to figure out why all my opacity maps were being ignored. Rendering in layers also saved a lot of time and headaches- much easier to do than focus effects. More info on False Idols can be found here.

Of course, if you want to see more of my modest work, check out my profile at Enjoy!



Yogui said...

Yo Tony! that´s like so cool!! did u study animation?
2nd Q- ru italian?

String said...

Very interesting. I quite like short 'film' that leaves one in a state of...hummm. I think you should go for a 5-10 min short!

Babe in the Woods said...

I just had to drop by and tell you I think your a blast! (oops, just dated myself)
I love reading all your comments on other blogs. (and mine, thanks)
You have such a unique site. I'll view your false idols as soon as dial up lets me.


french toast girl said...

I dig the huge shard of eyeball at the end, and you know already I like the tree.

More! More!

love, me