Monday, July 03, 2006

Yes, It's Another "Truth, Justice, & All that Stuff" Blog

I took Joe to see Superman Returns on its opening day. It's a lot of fun, & I love the fact that they did their best to make it fit in with the style of Superman I & II. (Let's just wipe 3 & 4 from our memories, ok?)

Then, of course, came the part that has already been bemoaned on a plethora of blogs and radio talk shows: Perry White is throwing out assignments, and he demands that his reporters find out if Superman still stands for "truth, justice, and all of that stuff." Unless you're twelve years old, you know that the line is supposed to be, "Truth, justice, and the American way." Even if the line was written into the television show for McCarthy-era reasons, it's been attached to the Man of Steel ever since.

The movie makers throw their hands in the air and claim they didn't want to offend anyone, they just feel that Superman is a global figure now. He doesn't belong to America anymore.

That sentiment is fine. However, the writers/director/whoever are full of shit, because if they merely felt a sense of global community, they just didn't have to use the line at all. I don't believe any of the other movies in the Superman franchise say it (correct me if I'm wrong) and no one would have thought of it if it wasn't included. By putting the bastardized version in the script, the moviemakers deliberately wanted to make a political statement and be noticed. Whether you agree with them or not- and personally, I don't- they're acting like the punks around here that spray graffiti on the walls. If you want to use the most powerful media in the world to make a statement- especially one that relates to what has been an American icon for almost seventy years- at least have the balls to admit your motives.


p.s. It's still a great movie. Go see it.


Factoryrat71 said...

OH MAN!!! You said it all!!! I couldn't agree more!!

Robert McLaughlin said...

Yea, amen to that! BTW, I happen to love the American way. We are a good country.

String said...

Superman - one of the first superheroes to hit my brain as a youth - although I was a great fan of the Hulk comics back then too. You know they are just thinking 'New World Order' lol...pretty soon we will all be the same. ;-( Except a few holdouts.