Monday, August 21, 2006

An Avant-Garde Film

Here is my latest opus: an Avant-Garde film, called, “An Avant Garde Film.”

Basically, it’s a faux art-film made with whatever toys were lying around the apartment at 2 am when I was stoked on Starbucks canned espressos. Enjoy!



french toast girl said...

You. Are. A. Hoot.

You also get bonus points for using Muppets.

love, me

Robert McLaughlin said...

Ummmmm, this looks strangely similar to some nightmares I had on Friday night/Saturday morning after making the mistake of having beer and pizza at Cappazoli's and going to bed early.

Watch out for that coffee!

BTW: got you as a link on my sidebar. :>)

String said...

Great, I think you should submit it to some Indie Film Festivals, deep...and funny -appropriately avant - perfect!

Tony LaRocca said...

Thank you, all! (Especialy for the plug, Robert!)

String said...

Because I am a lover of AV films and also due to the fact that you are way creative, I have put you on my blog links! (Oh no!) When's the next one? I am serious about the short film thing btw. Have you ever entered any?

Anonymous said...


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