Tuesday, August 01, 2006

Beyond Thunder-dumb?

OK, maybe as one of the goyim I just don't get it, but does anyone else out there not give a rat's ass if Mel Gibson is anti-semetic or not? I could understand all the fuss if he was an elected official, or if he had made these statements publicly instead of in a drunken ramble to a cop. Maybe it's just the Media, wanting to convince America that the opinion of celebrities matter. I just don't see that this idiot's point of view is worth mentioning on news programs daily for almost a week. Is it just me?



String said...

Haven't you noticed the dearth of real news in the last five years? The repetition of the same news over and over? I remember a time when there was a VARIETY...Mel is just another politically perfect moment sound bite ... humm now WHO owns most of the media these days?

String said...

Hey here is a link to an interesting article about all this junk. Me, I like the second article, Eddie Izzard for Prime Minister! YAY!

Tony LaRocca said...

To answer your questions, excluding the six months after 9/11, there hasn't been any real news in at least ten years.

As for who owns the media, I would check out the movie "Network" (I'm mad as hell, & I'm not taking it anymore!) which, though almost 30 years old, had it right on the money. Otherwise, check out this:

String said...

Oh yeah, I remember that movie - and watched the vid...well probably why more people, like me, are spending time on the internet.