Sunday, October 15, 2006

3 & 1/2 Years in 1 & 1/4 Minutes

Like the title says. 621 Digital Camera pictures from May 2003 > October 2006. Enjoy
(Sorry for the crappy quality. My guess is YouTube is set to prioritize motion vs image quality, & the fast torrent of images makes it hard to keep up.)



superstar said...

good motion picture

Aravis said...

This was great! It was kind of like musical chairs because every once in awhile it would freeze while loading some more, so that it would suddenly pause on some random image. It leant a fun, almost comical feel to the show, leaving me happily wondering what the next frozen image would be! *G*

Tony LaRocca said...

I'm just pissed at the quality reduction. I do have a friend who managed to pick himself out at :36 seconds. When I take pictures, I usually do them like a photographer- I take a bunch of them. These come accross in this (at 8 frames a second) as a sort of jittery animation. I really have to go back, digitize all the film-photos we have of my son since birth, and add them in.

Rayne said...

This was fun. I liked the freezes, I thought you had edited that in on purpose but Aravis says it did that to load?

Ian T. said...

Wow, I feel like your life just flashed before my eyes!