Tuesday, October 10, 2006

Analyze Tony Once Again!

Anniversary #9! That makes it my “Yoko” Anniversary!

Dreams of the last few days:

Fire Bed:
In an old hut, lying on a homemade bed in the dead of winter. It was an old lady's bed. There is a charred iron box full of wood under the bed, and the steel mesh holding up the mattress is charred. The bottom of the mattress is sooty & reeks of carbon. It occurs to me that I’m supposed to light a fire under my bed to keep it warm & survive the winter. It also occurrs to me that this is an incredibly stupid thing to do. I realize I would have to steal wood every day.

Church Football:
Eddie, (a foreman I worked for with IPC up in Westchester three years ago,) asks me to play on the Church Football Team. I agree, but arrive late. In my hurry to suit up, I leave my Pocket PC in my pants pocket (which football uniforms don’t have, but anyway....) I frantically search for a hiding place while the game gets underway without me. I find one in the original rectory, in a drawer full of corked test tubes with blood inside. A madman rushes in & threatens me with a razor knife (box-cutter.) He wants one of the tubes! A crowd gathers. I knock the razor out of his hand, grab him by the shoulder & chin, & bash his head against a wooden column until he's unconscious. I’m quite pissed that no one helped me.

Death Star:
I'm a Sith Lord on board a space station (all right!) I have some sort of mission to protect a princess. After slashing up some pesky rebels, I take an elevator... & get stuck inside. Power is cut. Everything is dark. Damn it.

I’m on the surface of the planet. I go lucid for a bit & fly around. I see the princess again, being attacked by Rebel Scum. I swoop down out of the sky, scare the bejesus out of them, & slash them into rump roasts with my fiery orange-red light saber.

Guidance Counselor:
Jen, Joe, Mandy & I are at Ridge High. I’m checking out the television equipment for Mr. Spear (the TV teacher when I was in high school & a great one at that.) The kids have wandered off! I go inside & find (with all dream logic) that they're in the home of a friend, which has been converted into a fundamentalist church. I find Joe, but I’m still looking for Mandy. I go in the kitchen. A Russian teenage girl is there. Her name begins with an R. She seems nervous & afraid. The phone rings, & we hear Eddie Murphy's voice leaving a message on the answering machine. The girl has never heard of him. I tell her that he's the guy from Shrek, & a friend of mine & the house's previous owners (in the dream I believe this to be true.) She asks for my phone number, says she needs to talk with someone. I give her my email address instead. She looks afraid, as if abused. I ask who her teachers are, hoping to steer her towards someone more equipped to help her. She tells me, but I don’t recognize any of them. A teenage boy joins us & the two of them start talking. Happy she has a friend her age, I leave them to it.

Feel Free to Analyze.


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Hallow! Have you tried having nightmares instead? };-}