Tuesday, November 28, 2006

"Some crying, six carrying me..."

From Philip K. Dick's We Can Remember it for You Wholesale (which was loosely translated into the movie Total Recall:)

"The door hung open and inside, at a big
genuine walnut desk, sat a genial-looking man, middle-aged,
wearing the latest Martian frog-pelt gray suit; his attire alone
would have told Quail that he had come to the right person."

Ok. I'm putting it in my will that when I die, I want to be cremated in a frog-pelt suit. Of course, it might be hard, because I decided long ago I'm going out the same way Slim Pickens did in Dr. Strangelove, (yes, that is James Earl Jones.)



Caroline said...

That's hard on the frogs... what have the French done to you?

Tony LaRocca said...

ROFLMAO... I love you.

Rayne said...

caroline beat me to it. I had the same thought.