Wednesday, November 08, 2006

Paranoid Ramblings

Rumsfeld is stepping down! TOO BAD IT'S ONLY 5 FUCKING YEARS TOO LATE!

OK, I have resigned myself on politics, but one question keeps tickling at the back of my mind: If the Republicans hate and fear Hillary so much, why didn't they put up anyone to seriously run against her? Without looking, I DARE anyone to tell me the name of her Republican opponent! He had no commercials, no debates against her, no support, no nothing. It's either that a) they didn't think anyone could win against her in the current political climate- especially in NY- and didn't want her to win a real fight, or b) both parties are just part of some conspiracy and it doesn't matter who wins. (Think about it- why did Gulianni, the man who DID have a chance of winning against her, drop out so that an unknown and unwinnable schmuck could run against her back in 2000? Hmm... And no, unwinnable is NOT a real word...)

Ponderable #2: I know Einstein said that there doesn't HAVE to be an aether, but think about it... if light is a wave, what is the medium that it's waving through? Yes, I know quantum physics states that light is both a wave and made up of particles, and whatever result you get depends on what you're testing for, but this still keeps me up at night. All waves (sound, water, etc) are energy moving through a medium. So what is the goddamn medium of light waves in a vacuum? Is the universe simply made of light, and what we see as waves is energy rippling through it? DON'T SUBMIT TO THE PHOTON CONSPIRACY!



String said...

Five fucking years too late is right! Good point on the old Hill - I would suspect (part of the same group) is the correct answer...Blair and Bush are has beens...need new blood.

You realize with physics you are playing in the big boys sandbox...yah know - the place few dare to tread! Obviously you have studied this far more than I in the wee hours of the morning, when you get an answer let us know! Myself I am working on time travel via wormholes.

The Pig Whisperer

Caroline said...

In order to keep the speed of light constant time and space get warped - don't you find that worrying?

Rayne said...

I am pretty sure that politics are no longer 'for the people, by the people' I am pretty sure it's all a big game to them. Wheeling and dealing. I would love to know what goes on behind the scenes.

As to the light wave thing....The universe can't be made of light. Light takes energy and the universe does not produce energy, things in the universe produce energy. Stars, etc. The universe is just kind of like the container type of thing. Which eventually is supposed to fold back on itself according to one theory, which has always worried me.

Tony LaRocca said...

In the Universe of Light model I just made up, the energy moves through the light in waves, which is what we see. I'm sure Stephen Hawking would be happy to tell me that I don't know wtf I'm talking about, but it's still something fun to ponder about.