Wednesday, November 22, 2006

Tony's Parental Wisdom 307a

Tip #307a: When your child does something that angers you, ask yourself if you are upset at your child for what he/she actually did, or if you are upset because of how others might perceive you as a parent. Be sure to honestly answer this question before you discipline your child.



B. Wood said...

mmm oh so! Wise words grasshopper! (Or whoever is the boss of grasshopper.)

V.K. said...

it be a truism for shore...good observation there, T.

I wanna read 1-306z now!

Rayne said...

I hardly ever get angry at my girls, but when I do it's usually because they repeat mistaks that they should have learned from. It's more frustration than anger. I have never really given a thought to what other people think of my parenting skills or lack of them.

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