Friday, December 01, 2006

"For might makes right, until they've seen the light..."

It's drawings like this in my notebooks that prompted many "are you ok?" talks from my parents in High School. Drawings like this made other kids think I was cool. Drawings of Daleks and the U.S.S. Enterprise quickly balanced out that sentiment. I've always wanted to draw a cover for Heavy Metal. Of course, to sell an HM cover I'd have to get some scantily clad bimbo to pose for me first... (If there are any scantily clad bimbos reading this, please feel free to audition.)


I originally colored this with the paint program on my Ipaq. When I saved it, it not only caused my Ipaq to freeze, but I could not get it to work again without doing a hard reset. Fortunately, almost all of my data was on the storage chip, but it's still, in the words of Borat, "A pain in my assholes." Next time I buy a PPC I'm defiantly going with a Dell. At least it'll have buttons to play the Gameboy emulator with instead of my Ipaq 4705's useless touchpad.

Although the gears of my mind have been squeaking in the middle of the night like a hamster's exercise wheel, may I say that because of my Jen, Joe & Mandy, I'm the luckiest schmo in the world. They just make everything worthwhile.



Michelle Lana said...

cool illo tony!

Teri C said...

You have the wildest imagination! Love to see what you come up with.

harmoniousjosh said...

When I went to acting college, I was supposed to keep an acting journal. Instead, I doodled weird dudes like this guy.

Eventually, they kicked me out.

Studio Zuga said...

i really like reading a time in the life of u. good stuff always makes me laugh and think. and for ur illos
always creative and original

Jeannette said...

Nice work. I used to draw sexy girls in school, which concerned my parents & made me cool!


i'm gonna be a bimbo when i grow up... said...

i'm scantily clad right now good-lookin'. Whatchooo wearin?

great illustration. i relly like the detail.

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Nice creature. Really cool. Get a Mac.

Rayne said...

This is a fantastic picture! He has to have a name.
I got on a vampire story writing kick when I was about 9 years old and my aunt, who was a psych nurse, kept insisting that my mother take me to a therapist.

Robert McLaughlin said...

Hey Tony,

I like your drawing a lot. I would draw stuff like this when young just to see all the girls say "ewww!". Now I do it and nobody cares, except for my wife, who says "yuck!" and then questions my sanity and moral compass.

A nice Macbook Pro should be just the ticket for all of your computing needs. As for the babes, your on your own with that one. :>)


Tony LaRocca said...

jeanette- yes, your Impregnation Illustration is cool, but doesn't look like it would be any fun.

catnapping- I'm wearing shorts and a t-shirt covered in 3-year-old-girl snot.

scott & robert- I'm a PC person myself- I like being able to use popular software on my computer- but an PPC is a palm device- a little computer that fits in your pocket. I'd actually be happy with the Ipaq, if it wasn't for the damn touch-pad

robin- she probably didn't want you wasting your talent, as no one has been able to sell a vampire story since Ann Rice cornered the market in the 90s.

steve said...

Oh yeah, I recall in tenth grade being called to the principal's office after some of my "darker" drawings were hung in the hall (my art teacher was a great guy who believed in hanging all our work). I think the principal was expecting some intense black-clad kid or something and instead got this clean cut, mld mannered guy who wore bright colored shirts. At first i think he had some questions for me but ended up instead telling me he liked my art. I wasn't sure if he was disappointed or relieved.

Anyhow, I like this character. He'd work well as a comic book villian. Just think of all the movies inspired by this teenage angst stuff, many of which are pretty good.

Andrea said...

very cool drawing!