Saturday, December 30, 2006

Rising Up from the Asses

(Illustration Friday: Phoenix)

Ding-dong, Saddam is dead. It's chilling watching the CNN video of him being led to the noose, knowing he had few minutes to live before dying at the choice of someone else. No, it was not worth all the civilian and military lives that it's taken to get to this point in the most ineptly executed war of all time. However, I can only hope that as they put the noose around his neck, it crossed his wormy mind that the terror rising within him was the same felt by all the innocent men, women and children he had executed. The war goes on, (and on and on and on) but his obscene page in history is finally closed. Please treat his body like that of executed Nazi war criminals; cremate him and spread his ashes to the four winds so there is never a monument to him or what he stood for.

On a happier note, Joe dragged me to see Happy Feet, and I was so pleasantly surprised. It drags on here and there and is a mite heavy in the ecological moral department, but all in all I was blown away. Three pluses I saw as a CGI animator: 1) Feathers. Lots of them. Very hard to do. 2.) Snow means footprints- and in a film about a dancing penguin, it's not just a shot here and there. Again, very hard. 3) THE HUMANS WERE LIVE PEOPLE. Sorry, but I'm always jolted a little bit out of my suspension of disbelief in realistic CGI movies because no matter how hard you try, it's very hard to make people look like anything other than puppets.

On a slightly downer note, I received (at my request) The Richard Donner cut of Superman II. (Again, all hail General Zod.) As one of the fans who clamored for it's release, I can honestly say that I actually prefer the theatrical version- with one small exception: the re-inclusion of Marlon Brando. Jor-El's original scenes were much better than those re-done in the theatrical version by Lara, and add a reason- and a price- for the return of Superman's powers.

Happy New Year to all, and to all a good night.



ValGalArt said...

Another excellent post on your always intriguing points of view! The eyes have it! Very hypnotic. You have to admit that the trial was laughable though, if you lost one lawyer the whole thing would be a mistrial and start over. Not to mention the judge but I digress... Always wanna hear you Tony, Happy New Year!

studio lolo said...

Piercing eyes....nice illo too :) !

Kelli Jensen said...

Very powerful, angry eyes..I can imagine a face to go with them...I enjoyed reading through your blog!

Jeannette said...

oh man, i thought the humans in happy feet were just a huge advancement in CGI technology. they were real? one thing i didnt like about the movie was elijah wood's voice. i kept thinking i was watching lord of the rings.

and... there is something weird about watching evil dictators being killed on my computer. almost as strange as having "instant messaging" conversations with my solider friend while he served in Iraq.

fa la la la la, la la la la

*and nice eyes*

String said...

Great illo, love it. The hanging was hypocritical to say the least.

Caroline said...

Happy New Year Tony!

Marion said...

Have a creative 2007!

Amy Zaleski said...

The illustration alone is pretty darn powerful, but then I read your entry and the eyes suddenly took on more meaning. Yeah, I woke up yesterday and realized the world is a better place without he who "Southpark" calls the Devil's (gay) boyfriend. Hey, thanks for all your comments this year and also thanks for writing such enlightening entries on your own blog. Happy 2007!

Studio Zuga said...

wow intense eyes and wht can one say as they strung another SAD HAM up, lets eat! Now if we can exit our lil Vietnam in the middle east maybe we will.

Studio Zuga said...

wow intense eyes and wht can one say as they strung another SAD HAM up, lets eat! Now if we can exit our lil Vietnam in the middle east maybe we will.

Knitting Painter Woman said...

The post is fine.
The illustration is fine.
What I loved is your HEADING!
Best to you.

Ian T. said...

On Saddam - our Prime Minister thinks that he received a fair trial, but doesn't seem to care that an Australian citizen is still being held after 4 years without trial. You're right about scattering his ashes!

Aravis pointed out that we agree about Happy Feet, which I saw yesterday. Yes, the feathers and footprints were over and above, and so right, and yes, real people. Did you see The Polar Express? The CGI of humans in that got downright unsettling!

Happy New Year!

Rayne said...

Love the picture. The eyes remind me of one of my doctors. Him I didn't like so much.
Now I want to go see Happy Feet. Wasn't so sure about it but with your heart felt recommendations I think I will give it a whirl.
Happy New Year!

Twisselman said...

Way intense eyes (and sly play on words).
As far as the hanging goes... just another anticlimatic act to add to the whole Iraq experience... from the toppling of his statue, to the pronouncement of victory on the air carrier, to the 'we got 'em' announcement two (three?) years ago... and maybe we need a 'surge' of troops. Through all this, prayers to the men and women from our country and to the innocents of that country who have survived Saddam and dodge the insurgents.
Here's to a 2007 with a true climax to the story.

Anonymous said...

HAPPY NEW YEAR to you and your family Tony! Yet another year of great enjoyment viewing your blog. The eyes have it!

LDahl said...

.... interesting post, I too liked the header. The hanging made me feel, well, sick. Maybe because I didn't care much if he lived or died... and that makes me really question what has happened to me as a person. I think it is a matter of numbers...I've seen so much worse..everyday innocent Iraqi people torn to bloody bits by car bombs... and the (AP)photos never seem to go to print.
I know this isn't making much sense, but I am tired of seeing (everybodys')people suffer and die.. it's bloody stupid and won't be easily resolved with so much hate being regenerated on a daily basis. Politics, power and money....bah!!!!


and then I have to worry why a graphic file of mine is skewing and it's back to the drawing board for me... while somewhere in the back of my mind I keep thinking, "if that is the worst I have to worry about, how very, very fortunate I am".

french toast girl said...

Your pic is so great, I am not even doing one this week. :)

love, me

Todd Harris said...

nice post here. great view point on it as well. i need to go see happy feet now. have a great new year.

scarecrow said...

Phonics up from the asses!

Michelle Lana said...

Cool one!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Wow, this is a strong, effective piece.

Sammy said...

Hi tony merry xmas too! I wish i could see the snow in I want to go to new york man! :D happy new year to you as well!

georg said...

scaring - but cool!