Sunday, December 17, 2006

Won't You Please, Please Help Me!

No matter how bad things get, always grab for that branch!

If I could change something that would help the world, I would pass a law that all programs, when uninstalled, must COMPLETELY remove themselves from the computer, without leaving behind any files whatsoever. I recently had to uninstall Firefox. I reinstalled it to find that I still had the same problem. I deleted Firefox's folder. The problem remained. I scanned the computer and found at least 5 different Mozilla folders hidden (as in, XP hid them until I told it not to) in my "Documents and Settings" folder.

Uninstalling IE is impossible, no matter what Windows claims. Uninstall it, and the exe file is still there. Delete the exe file, and it will magically reappear again.

Why oh why does AOL need to COMPLETELY TAKE OVER MY COMPUTER just to run?



PS- Happy Birthday, Jennifer. You help, believe me.


Caroline said...

Truly weird image Tony!

And yes computers really ought to clean up after themselves - you'd only expect behaviour like that from viruses...

Michelle Lana said...

so unique tony!!!

HARDWAX said...

I watched an X-file once where a tiny monster got in a mans body through his neck, and it's tendrils wrapped themselves around each organ in the body then kept growing-that creature had nothing on AOL.
I like your picture, it screams help, and I don't know if the branch can help, but it beats grabbing at thin air.
Thrills and spills as usual!

isay (Marissa) said...

weird but i like looking at the falling eye..

Jeannette said...

Ok, two things:

One, you're weird. No one has said it until now, but I'll stand up and shout it!

Two, computers are evil and like effing with you.

OK, number three, I'm kidding. But that totally happened to me once when I was climbing a tree as a child. It was me, or maybe my cousin. I dont remember. But there was a branch and an arm and a mouth and IE involved.


Anonymous said...

Can feel your pain in that image Tony! MWAHAHAHAHAAA

scarecrow said...

This is a tuff problem. Years ago when I got my first computer, the kids gave it a try. They discovered some obscure drawing program and produced a likeness of
Elvis. As long as I had the computer I was unable to rid myself of the King. He would pop up every once in a while. Da Ghost in Da machine.


Studio Zuga said...

sounds like u need a MAC lol or maybe u just need to erase ur harddrive and do a clean install will that get rid of the exe file? but seriourly i know wht u mean i hate having to look for files neatly tucked away outta sight till i run spotlite then the all shine brightly at which time i kick em to the trash.
and ur pic is insane lov the imagination of the arm from the mouth grabing the tree branch

carla said...

I'm going to chime in with michael..get a Mac! As far as the drawing's so wonderfully twisted. I love it! I also love your new're one handsome dude:>

ValGalArt said...

it's really hard to hang on whe your eyeball is hanging on by a thread! Yer hilarious!!!

Twisselman said...

I agree with the folks that say Macs are easier to mess with. I was on Macs for 10 years and am now on PCs, which is a strange thing, as Mac users are usually loyal to a fault. Anyway, uninstalling programs is much easier on a Mac, but there are other things that the supposedly intuitive Apple system is not so... anyway, I agree with whoever said computers are evil, and they make me feel like the poor creature in your drawing, holding on from the inside out... great expression of feelings here. Cool.

Rayne said...

Along with that law could we pass one that says you are not allowed to randomly download programs into someone's computer without asking?
And that anyone who does will have to deal with the one-eyed treeman? Technically, he does have two eyes, doesn't he? No matter. What we should do is clone him and then have him hang over the beds of the people who inject spyware into our computers. And! Spammers need something really awful to be done to them. Let's see..what can we do to the spammers?

french toast girl said...

Send your pic to AOL and see what they say.

love, me

Tony LaRocca said...

Carla- (blushing) Thanks! You're quite a stunner yourself!

Caroline- it's scary how many files are left behind. People have sold used cell phones on e-bay to find out later that there's ways of resurrecting all the private info they thought was deleted.

Anonymous- so glad to see you every time you drop by!

Scarecrow- you only have to start worrying when the picture of Elvis changes. For example, if he was drawn as 50's Elvis, then morphs into chubby 70's Elvis, and finally, ends up as slumped over the toilet Elvis, you know you have a problem.

Rayne- There is a virus that puts pop-up ads on your computer, saying you need THEIR virus removing software! Why they can't arrest the people behind this obvious scam- and for putting a virus on your computer- I don't know (I mean, they put the name of their company RIGHT THERE)

Elena- I'll be they have a large hate-mail file...

Da Ghost Prod said...

excellent !! really trsh as i love, and the rought render is wow !

catnapping said...

I've been having that problem with mcAfee.

I've uninstalled it, but it keeps loading when I start my computer. It keeps trying to update. ( my firewall stops it) and it's using up ram, for some reason.

So every time I restart the computer, I have to go to the task manager, and actually manually highlight each mcafee application, and tell it to "end task!"


Twisselman said...

Had to break back in on your blog to comment on the 'Leno chin' you see in my illustration... exactly what my daughter said....
We now return to regularly scheduled comments...

georg said...

I understand, the arm inside you is Firefox?

It is so ANNOYING! And I'm being ANGRY too, when I see that!

But now I wish you a Merry Christmas and a Happy and Great Newyear - I'm looking forward to see your exciting images (and kind comments..) in 2007.

Hugs from Denmark - georg

LDahl said...

Macs and PCs, I've worked with them both and if it isn't one set of problems it is another..... we are all just slaves of the machines:)))
And as you know, slavery doesn't pay too well.
Other than maddening software and mad tree men, how are you doing?
I just stopped by to wish you and yours a Merry Christmas... now I'll sneak away before I'm noticed by the boogies around here:)))
Arggggg! Something's got me foot!!
Stomp! Tony!!!

Anonymous said...

Pssssssst *merry, merry* Heeehehehe

Kelli Jensen said...

you must have a pc..haha. No I have trouble w/ my mac too! I really like this illo, illos like this are always fun to do!