Sunday, January 21, 2007

Super-Duper Super-Men!

Illustration Friday: Superhero

And Superheroes/Come to feast,
To Taste the flesh/Not yet deceased.

And all I know, is/Still the beast is

-The Rocky Horror Picture Show

Elena & I took a drive to see Craig J. Clark (Quack) off before he makes his trek deeper into America to seek his fortune. My Jennifer has often commented that we share a few common brain cells. A brilliant artist all around, a connoisseur of eclectic music, a Dadaist comic stripper, a very good bearded playwright, & a great friend- I'll miss him very much.

Elena Nazzaro, Craig J. Quack, & Kevin Pease

After coming back, I spent the night at Elena & Paul's. My three cutie nieces & nephew, Sophia, Peter, & Angela, spent this morning cracking me up. My three-year-old goddaughter's (Sophia) latest trick is to curl up in a little ball under a blanket & go into her lump shtick:

Paul: Who are you?
Sophia: I'm a lump!
Paul: Do you like to run?
Sophia: I can't run- I' m a lump!
Paul: Do you like to dance?
Sophia: I don't dance- I told you- I'm a lump!
Me: How about jumping- do you jump?

And so on. Ah, such cuteness. It runs in the genes.



Hellcat said...

MOST delicious!!! Raaaarrrrrr };-}

Larry Lee said...

He looks rather scary. But I guess heroes come in all shapes and sizes. (Super-sizes mostly).

Detlef said...

Gruesome and appealling.

Pat Angello said...

Mmm - blood-thirsty man!

steve said...

The lump thing is killing me Tony! Cool illo and thanks for the laugh.

Michelle Lana said...

that's so scary...but cool one tony.

studio lolo said...

I'm thinking the lady he was kissing got a little carried away ;P Eerie illo...cute as hell niece!

studio lolo said...

Cute as hell goddaughter!!! ( not niece, sorry)

french toast girl said...

As the mother of the lump, I have to say that they were equally as enchanted by you. Petey talked about "Uncle Tony's whiskers" all afternoon. More time in your presence is required by all.

love, me

ps ~ OINK!

Tony LaRocca said...

Studio- she is both niece & goddaughter

Elena- Move closer!

HARDWAX said...

Okey, I've been waiting for about two hours for your illo to load, {I'm exaggerating a little, maybe fifteen minutes},feels like two hours. Gets down to the scissor teeth and stops, I'm thinking this is a self-portrait when your in an amorous state of mind, really very beautiful!

Caroline said...

I think your neice/goddaughter deserves the title SuperLump!

Digital Scott's Illustrationblog said...

Great work! Love all the energy!

ChristyMarcusLitster said...

whooo. that's a totally creepy illustration! good job

That is so cute "I told you I'm a lump". I wonder if that excuse would work when my fiance is trying to get me to cook for him???

Rayne said...

I love the 'lump shtick'.
I think I will use that today.
Do you know I have never seen Rocky Horror Picture Show? When I was in school the movie was re-discovered and I was often invited but I just couldn't get myself to go. I was emarrassed by the idea of throwing bread and what not at the screen, doing some kind of dance and acting with abandon. I really wish I had gone and seen it then, I know I can see it now but I'll see it with my adult eyes and mind and judge it on that level. I wish I had seen it then, when I could still be shocked or surprised. I think it would have been good for me.

Studio Zuga said...

ah the rocky horror show good times where had then, meatloaf any one

ValGalArt said...

you revile us with gore and then tease us with cute kids! Great job!!! very scary!

Ian T. said...

Quite scary and worrisome, Tony! I wouldn't expect the call from Marvel or DC anytime soon, though maybe this guy should visit...

carla said...

Whoa! I thought at first it was Super Halitosis Man! Very impressive. He better watch out superhero phenomenal woman's eyes can follow him anywhere:>

I loved your warm and fuzzy post... under all that ranting and raving, you're just a big sweetie :>

Twisselman said...

Really fits the lines for Rocky Horror... Grotesquely beautiful.