Wednesday, January 24, 2007

The Union of the Snake Address

Ah, television, you are a fickle mistress.

Let's start with the State of the Union Address. I'd have to say that Senator Webb's rebuttal was right on the money, from my point of view. Just because the stock market is up, it does not mean our economy is doing well. Right now, most of the people I know are terrified of losing their jobs. With a six-month wait for A-rated Journeymen in NYC, I know I am. We're told that employment is at a high- but what kind of jobs is the President talking about? Working in the mall? Remember, this is the same administration that was referring to flipping burgers statistically as a "production" job, 'till someone blew the whistle. And while I have no problem whatsoever with legal immigrants, I am dead set against a guest-worker visa for "undocumented workers" (known as illegal immigrants prior to 2000. And they say social programming is dead.) As far as the war in Iraq goes, a "troop surge" of any size is pointless without a change in plan. Strike that- they just need a plan, period. I'm not impressed by the president's attempt to shift the blame for our troops' hamstringing in the name of political correctness onto the new Iraqi government. Everyone knows who's calling the shots. I don't hate President Bush, nor do I want to see him crash & burn. I just hope he's finally realizing all the harm that his unwillingness to adapt to changing situations has caused.

I was watching Shark last week, and came across Courtroom Drama Stock Plot 1L95z: Brilliant, psychotic & unquestionably guilty mass murderer plays the system & gets off Scott free. (Law & Order rehashes this plot-line at least once a year.) I never thought about it before, but, apart from O.J. Simpson, how often does this happen in real life? I can't think of one case. Another case of social programming, perhaps, to make the public afraid of due process? I'd much rather see stories about the REAL crime problem in New York: violent crimes being plead down to misdemeanors to make the city's statistics look good. Stories about how our jails are bursting at the seams with harmless drug users, so violent repeat offenders are put back on the street again & again. Everyone wants to pass laws, but no one wants to enforce them.

Alright, enough soap-boxing. Bad Joke of the Day: A termite walks into a bar & asks, "Is the bar tender here?"

Feel free to add your own.


P.S. A note to Donald Trump & Rosie O'Donnell: as a fellow soldier once shouted to myself & another (female) soldier whom I was constantly bickering with, "Would you two shut up & just FUCK already?"


Studio Zuga said...

lol do u think ppl would actually pay to see rosie and donld go at it in that way? and lame joke in a good way made mwe chuckle for the day. and bushy wht can u say about the guy evryone loves to hate lol poor sap for wanting to run the country. no he knows better lol

Penny Cork said...

I'd say that you got it right! But, now I've got that freaky sick image of The Donald and Rosie to contend with...

Penny :)

ValGalArt said...

i was pretty right there with you until the rosie/trump thing and now i have to remove my brain and get a new one because the visual on those two doing it is groaty!
but i do think your hair colour is tre'chic!

Rayne said...

Fun with statistics:
I am happy to report that there are no more 'hungry' people in the USA. See, if there were hungry people we would have to report that to the world something or other commission. No, no hungry people here. We do have some food insecure people. Seriously, they are now considered food insecure.
Google it. It's scary.
How long before we are officially designated a third world country?
Now I have to go poke myself in the eye or something to get rid of the mental image Rosie and the Trumpster.

String said...

They just made a major announcement over here in the UK that the prisons were too full so only REPEAT VIOLENT offenders were going to jail (and probably only selected ones)...oh great makes me feel real safe walking home from work.